Good Family News

Originally my big sister was supposed to be in my wedding but instead she decided to get pregnant.  I mean really, how could she do this to me?  Only joking!   My sister is in her late 30's and she really wanted a child but was having a heck of a time getting pregnant and staying pregnant so I was really happy for her that it finally happened but crushed that she wouldn't be at my wedding. Not just because I want her there but because she already misses out on so much being far away from the family since moving away four years ago and this was just one more thing. A big thing at that. As it got closer and closer to the wedding things started happening that gave us hope that she would make it but always the pessimist I didn't count on it.  About a month ago she booked her flight and made it official! Not only will she be here on Sunday in time to come to the wedding but she will be staying out here until after she delivers her baby next month. My big sis is finally coming home and I can't wait to see her. Next challenge. Finding this very pregnant mama a dress!  Mom, Dad, Big Sis, Middle Sis (me) and Lil sis have not all been together in one place in about two years so it's going to be great to all be together again.

The other bit of good news came Wednesday. I got a message from my mom saying that she had news and to call her when I could. "News" is such a cryptic word.  It could really mean anything good or bad. My mom got her lab results back and she is a match for my dad. We really weren't expecting this because they don't have the same blood type.  I actually do and we all figured that if there was one person in the family that might be able to donate it would be me.  This is only the first step in a long series of testing that needs to happen prior to any kidney donation but it's a really good sign. My dad is #1 on the kidney donor list now and after two false alarms and a year on dialysis he is READY.   One could become available any day now but if that doesn't happen it's good to know that my mom can give him hers.

I am so looking forward to this nice long three day weekend. Tomorrow Mj and I are going to the fair-which I do every year and have always loved.  We pick up Mj's mom tomorrow night after that.  Then, I pick up my big sis on Sunday morning and then we will all head up to my mom's house for the 4th of July.  I don't know if we'll see fireworks but I know I'll be having lots of fun. 

I only have to work two days next week which is absolutely wonderful and then I get married!!


Olivea said...

Awesome news! I didn't know your dad needed a kidney, that is so wonderful your mom is a match!

Faith said...

that is great news!

you sound like you are going to have a great weekend yourself. enjoy!