Confessions for the Week

I confess that my nails are jacked.  I am terrible about maintaining them between mani/pedi's and it's been a while since my last one.  I wish I enjoyed grooming them but I don't.

I confess that I pretty much froze my A** off at Mj's flag football game in 54 degree weather a few weeks ago.  This may not be very cold to some of you poor people who have had your cars buried in snow but it was miserable for me.  After an hour of these dreadful conditions my feet were actually numb in some parts by the time I got home.  Another 30 minutes and I swear I could have gotten frostbite.  When I got in the warm shower I had painful prickly's in my feet.  I'm just not made for any weather below 60.  All that suffering and the pictures turned out awful!  The lighting on the field was terrible and most of the shots were blurry.  I did better at this weeks game and even shot in manual mode!!  Super exciting considering when I first started with that setting all my pictures were black.

Reunited and it feels so good
I confess that I hate being without my wedding rings for even a day.  I finally dropped them at the jeweler to get all polished up and I was only without them for about 7 days but I felt naked without them.

I confess that we don't make our bed.  Ever.  When we first moved to our house we both used to then Mj stopped and it was just me and then I stopped.  During the week I get out of bed and don't come home for 10-12 hours.  By the time I get back it's practically time to get right back in so I don't see the point.  And forget about those decorative pillows.  Even when I was making the bed they were on the floor half the time anyways so I got rid of those a long time ago.

I confess that I am now one of those people who only likes HD and Blue Ray.  I started watching a new show on Oxygen and I was a little put out that they don't have an HD channel.  I can tell the difference in a second.

I confess that I'm terrible at remembering to take my vitamins.  It's not that hard but I have the hardest time sticking with it.  I'll do really good for a few weeks and then start forgetting again.  I was doing good up until last week and then I fell off the wagon again.

I confess that I got another box of Girl Scout Cookies because 6 wasn't enough.  One bite of those Peanut Butter Patties and I knew that 2 boxes wouldn't cut it.  They are soooo good so I had to have one more.  We have gone through about 3 or 4 of them already.  I lost count. 
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I confess that there are certain foods that I literally cannot control myself around.  Cereal is #1.  The serving size is so ridiculously small that I'd rather not bother because if I stop when I'm ready I'll have eaten 2 mixing bowl size servings instead.  My #2 no self control food would have to be chips.  It doesn't matter which kind either.  I will gorge myself equally on any kind that I like.  I have gone through an entire bag of Tortilla chips by myself in less then a week.  

I confess that I've never decorated a cubicle or an office in any place I've ever worked at.  The most I've ever done is put a picture on my desk. I want to but typically the sterile office environment is not at all inspiring.  That should motivate me to spruce it up but it never happens.  I don't get around to it and the next thing I know it's years later.  I guess it's that whole me not being creative thing.

I confess that work has been so crazy this week that I'm about ready to lose my mind.   We were joking that we needed a Margarita to get through yesterday's meeting.  I'm not sure how well that would have actually worked out plus I don't want to get fired so I'm glad we didn't but I definitely plan on having an alcoholic beverage of some kind this weekend.   Maybe two....or three. 

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Anonymous said...

I wish Oxygen had an HD channel as well. Want my bad girls in high def. LOL. Have a great weekend and stay warm :-)

Faith said...

Woohoo for shooting in manual! So exciting. I don't shoot in anything but manual now just because I really, really want to learn, lol.

I completely stopped making our bed too! It is pointless. Every once in a while when I want to see a neat bed, I do it but not everyday anymore :) And seriously about decorative pillows. Useless, haha.

I seriously can tell the difference between HD and regular now. I can't believe I've become one of those people. I use to be the one to tell Sean he was making it up, lol.

I suck at taking my vitamins too. I really need to start getting better. Maybe next week ;).

Have a great weekend!

Ameena said...

My nails? Disgusting. My office? Bare except for a picture of Maya. On my computer. Love cold weather but don't like to be idle in it. And I make my bed the second I get out of it!

Love this post. Totally entertained me this morning.

Have a great weekend!

Jasmine Hellogmsunshine said...

LOL at you and those Girl Scout cookies! I knew you would be getting more... and yeah I stopped making the bed- I am pretty sure that hubby is quite upset that I have stopped because he is the only one at this point but is totally that person that has to have it made before getting in it. Decorative pillows and all..
And (raising the roof ) on you having a few drinks this weekend. Virtual cheers with you - I think I may join you.

Law_Fal said...

It took me so long to decorate my office that my assistant took it upon herself to hang everything up for me lol

Whitney Cypert said...

You and I have so much in common, basically everything I read I was like, "Me too!".
I don't take that great of care of my nails either, I don't ever get mani/pedi's, I've had like 10 my whole life maybe. I just don't like them, they hurt! I have pretty strong nails so they kind of take care of themselves, minus the paint chipping off.

You would not last in CO! It's been cold here and there's still snow on the ground. I'm kind of the opposite on this, I HATE being hot so I prefer colder weather. Proud of you for shooting in manual! That's all I shoot in too!

I'm the same way with vitamins. I was so proud of myself last week for taking them all everyday. This week, I have taken them once! Once!

Have a great weekend Cece!

The Funky Junkie said...

I agree with every single thing on this list!!! In fact, the one about you forgetting to take your vitamins reminded me to take mine. :) I love these confessional Fridays, I might start participating because I always start thinking of my own! Hope you have a fantastic weekend, I know I will be indulging in some alcoholic bevs as well. Cheers!

Jhan said...

I'm with you on the cereal bit.... I thought I was the only one. I have to have cereal until the milk runs out. I just like to have a nice crunch with every bite. :-)

LWLH said...

Bed: Womp. Womp. The only time I take pictures is if I'm taking pictures for the blog or something.
Cereal: I am a beast when it comes to cereal, I literally do eat it out of a mixing bowl.

BriBrooke said...

I confess I never make the bed but my fiance' does. Oops.

Ariane said...

You're hilarious, and I totally relate to most of this!

Your rings are gorg, btdubbs.

Tallia said...

That is a damn gorgeous ring!

Erika Gregory said...

Great confessions! I have never really decorated any of my office/cubicles either. Actually, I did once, but then the things got in the way of my work things and had to be taken home. I do have a few photos on my desk and a picture my 5 year old niece made for me.

Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs JK said...

We don't make our bed either :)

Vincci said...

Haha! Love this post! Yes I am a HD snob as well now. I also have a Confession post coming up this weekend as well : )

Claire said...

Your ring is so beautiful! Our girl scout came with our sox boxes of cookies yesterday... They're going to be gone by tomorrow. I can't control myself with cereal either! Every morning my bowl is the size of three or four servings.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Fun confessions....your rings are lovely. I know what you mean about being without your rings!!

Janna Renee said...

We made the bed when we were first married, but that didn't last long. haha

Kim Jackson said...

My son's football games are in the fall/winter between August and December, so they go from scorching hot 80 degree days to freezing cold 40 degree (and below) games. It is rough sometimes being supportive for our men, isn't it? LOL.

I make my bed every single morning. Why? Because my dad is a military man who would not have it any other way! Old habits die hard--but this is one I'm happy to have. Somehow though it has not been passed down to my son. At. All.

I can't NOT decorate my cubicle--you're so right, most offices are completely uninspired. So I have mine decked out in pink office supplies and a few fun things to help me stay motivated. If you care to bother (and it's totally fine if you don't, of course) you could find some colored supplies from a store like Staples to incorporate a small bit of cheer :-)


Hi, I'm Susannah! said...

We JUST found our missing remote (we get to blame it on our kid, though...) so I hope you find yours soon too! <3