I Confess!!

 I don't know about you but I like the time change!  It's dark when I get up but I start at 8am so by the time I hit the road the sun is out.  I haven't had any problem with the 1 hour loss because that extra daylight at the end of the day is so energizing.  I did way worse when it went the other way and we gained an hour because it felt like the darkness sucked away my day and my energy.  Now, let's get to my confessions.

I confess that I have no clue what's going on with the whole death of google reader.  I read blogs in my dashboard on Blogger.  Is that the same as google reader?  I also don't understand what the point of GFC might be without the reader when the whole point of following with GFC is that the blog shows up in your reader for easy following.  I have no idea how to import my blogs to Bloglovin' with that weird download thingy so I'm probably going to add them  manually one...by one....by one.  Woe is me.  I knew something was up when people started following me on Bloglovin'.  No one follows me there!   Who needs a giveaway to raise Bloglovin' numbers when the end of Google Reader does it for you?

I confess that I'm a new clothes hoarder.  I will buy something, stick it in my closet and wait months or even a year to wear it.  I've had this condition since I was a kid.  Obviously I'm not concerned about what's in season right now.  I guess I just love knowing it's there for me to wear more then I love the idea of jumping right into it the next day.  I have gotten much better about it.  Most of the things I bought over the last 6 months have been worn but I will admit I have a few tops with tags still on that I can't remember exactly when I bought.  And no I'm not a shopaholic.  Not technically anyways.

I confess that I was super excited to see this awesome mouth wash dispenser in the bathroom.  Nice touch don't you think?  And it totally worked out that no one was in there at the time so I didn't have to look like a freak taking a picture of it.  Aaahhh the perks of dining out at a fancy schmansy- read way over priced yet delicious restaurant where all they offer for parking is valet.  Truluck's is a sea food restaurant which I don't eat but their sliders are better then any I've ever had.

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I confess that I HATE making left hand turns out of driveways without a light onto semi busy streets.  I'd rather drive in circles then take the risk.  I'll make a right turn and then a left down another street and then a right to avoid it if I have to especially if there is someone waiting behind me.  I simply can't take the pressure.  I also suck at parking.  And driving in general.

I confess that I pretty much ate this whole bag of tortilla chips by myself in less then a week and I got busted for it yesterday when Mj couldn't find them in the pantry.  What can I say?  Anyways,  I always get a kick out of buying these because the homeboys made 'em and it says jobs not jails on the bag.  Homeboy Industries has books, T-shirts and even a restaurant.  The homegirls have their own stuff too. 

I confess that I usually don't know how old my parents are.  I did ask my mom on her birthday but I will forget in a few months and that's fine with me.  I don't ask, they don't tell and I don't keep track because I really don't want them to get older.  Not that not knowing stops aging but it's just my way of dealing with it.

I confess that even though I absolutely was not interested in picking up any new shows Mj got me into Breaking Bad.  It's about a Chemistry teacher with a cancer diagnosis turned Meth manufacturer.  We've been watching it on Netflix over the last few months and are on season 3.  It's sooooo good and it's soooo easy to get sucked into new shows.  We usually watch 2 episodes at a time.

I confess that I was really happy to see a few anonymous readers come out of the wood works to leave a kind comment on my first outfit post.  It's always so strange to hear someone say they've been reading for a long time and yet I don't know who they are.  I tend to think if 5 people commented then those are the 5 people who read the post which is completely silly.  Thanks to everyone for for your encouraging comments.

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The Sweetest Thing said...

I don't understand the GFC thing either - I hope someone comments and explains the purpose of this stuff!!! lol! Also, the mouthwash dispenser is SICK :) I need that!

put a bow on it [kaitlyn] said...

I am so confused over this reader/GFC thing! Glad to know that I'm not the only one.

gonna_make_it said...

It was super easy to move my blogs from reader to bloglovin. You can't do it from the app you need to go the website. After you create your account and login in you will see your name on the top right. Click it and you will get a drop down menu. Click settings. You will then see an import button. After clicking that it will ask if you want to import from google reader. I got an error after trying to import but when I went to the bloglovin app my blogs did show up. Hope this helps!

The Funky Junkie said...

I was freaked out by the Google thing too.....I'm still kind of confused as to what the Blogger dashboard will look like once it's gone but I just signed up for a Bloglovin account, and if you use the same email you use for your blog there was a button to automatically import all your blogs. It was super easy! Now I just gotta figure out how to use and follow people on it haha.

Jasmine Hellogmsunshine said...

Dag - you make a good point. In my post today I asked for people to follow and then ranted about Google reader - now I'm with you. Whats the point...and don't follow google's instructions. Simply go to bloglovin and there's somewhere in the acct profile where it says follow blogs, and then you click import blogs from reader and it will import from Google reader automatically. Took like two mins - do not do it manually thats a waste of time. AND I wish we had those chips around here.

Faith said...

hahaha, i always forget how old my parents are ... right now i have no clue, lol.

Breaking Bad is amazing! Their last season should be soon and I'm going to be so sad. Such great television!

The whole google reader thing is annoying. So annoying. I don't even want to think about it, haha.

And I'm with you! I have clothes in my closet that still have tags ... I wear them soon ;)

Faith said...

I'll ** not I (boo)

Tomes Edition said...

I am also guilty of being a new clothes hoarder lol, my bf always says why buy clothes to put them away for so long...ummmm there will always be an opportunity to wear them and i wouldn't have to scramble last minute to find something to wear.

My closet is full of black clothing....i love black

I don't know my parents age either but really excited to celebrate their birthdays

I have been reading your blog for a while now and your story is truly inspiring

LWLH said...

I don't know all the jazz about google reader/gfc/bloglovin either.
I signed up for bloglovin' though just in case.

Pegster said...

They say confession is good for the soul and I think I really like this idea :).

I don't even know what google reader is, so I guess I don't have to worry about that.

Amy said...

How did u know about google reader going away? Its what I use to read all the blogs I follow and this is the first I'm hearing about it?!?! Yikes guess I gotta do a google search to see what the deal it!
One of my co workers told me about breaking bad. Looks like I will be having a breaking bad marathon during my vaca in June!!

Bijee @ MyInnerB said...

I actually had never used the whole Bloglovin thing before the death of Reader and when I signed up I saw the option to import from reader but I added them one by one which gave me the opportunity to clean house and get rid of the ones that haven't been posting or no longer blogging.

Carla said...

I had that same thought when I received the alert that people were following me on BlogLovin' too. I'm going to hate to see Google Reader go, but Feedly is a good alternative so far and they are promising a smooth transition from GR so you don't have to add the blogs manually. (FYI)

I love Breaking Bad but I'm so far behind with the show. I've just discovered Vampire Diaries and I'm finishing up the last season.

Vincci said...

Wow that mouth rinse thing is cool! Never seen one like that.

And yes, I start sweating when I have to make that turn too. And then I am bad at estimating if I have enough time to turn and I usually don't think I do when I do and then I feel stupid! Haha.

Lisa @ Elle Sees said...

I always thought I was weird because I have some clothes that I don't wear for a year (or longer) and then suddenly I wear them all the time. Glad to know I'm not alone! I don't think I consciously do it -- sometimes it takes a while to figure out how to actually wear something (billowy blouse that seems too short? I finally realized it's perfect with pencil skirts). It makes it hard to clean out my closet though; that rule of "if you haven't worn it in a season, get rid of it" doesn't really apply.

Mrs JK said...

A mouth wash dispenser? #picksjawfromthefloor

I'm so confused with the whole GFC thing. I'm hoping to read more from other bloggers and hopefully get with the programme :)

afairlie said...

OMG! So funny! I confess that I don't know how old my parents are ether... And I really should!

Janna Renee said...

If Will saw that mouthwash dispenser, he would steal it and turn it into a whiskey dispenser. Haha. I don't understand the whole Google Reader thing either. I don't use Google Reader, so it didn't matter to me.