I Watch Too Much TV

I admit it.  I watch a hell of a lot of TV.  Or do I really?  It sure looks that way based on this looooong list of shows that I've been watching or plan to watch.  Is it any surprise that most of the TV watching I do is made up of non scripted shows?  And don't you just love this whole scripted vs non scripted distinction?  It's funny to think that there is a generation of children who don't know a day before reality TV and Reality TV "stars" existed.  I'm really picky about adding any new shows to my lineup because it's already so full.  Reality TV has taken over and I let it happen.  Oh goodness.  What am I doing with my life?

Naked and Afraid
This show is nuts! Somehow I came across it on the Discovery Channel.  The title alone piqued my curiosity.  I tried to convince myself that I wasn't really watching it by not scheduling it to record in my DVR.  I recorded it episode by episode on my Direct TV app.  But who was I kidding?  I was hooked.  And I watched every single episode.  They take two people; a man and a woman with specialized survivalist skills and drop them into the middle of nowhere totally naked with only one survival item each for 21 days.  The camera crew is not to intervene unless there is a medical emergency. These people are hard core to even think about doing this if you asked me.  The swamps of the Bayou and the jungles of Panama are just two dreadful examples of places these people have been dumped.  There are snakes, alligators and leeches among other horrible creatures lurking all around them.  The couple in the Bayou were basically living in a swamp. Every person on the show has lost at least 18 lbs from near starvation and dehydration.  Talk about a crazy crash diet.  I would die! I'm afraid of any and all bugs.  I'm even afraid of fish.  I would not last a minute. They are casting for the next season if anyone is crazy enough or has a death wish.

Breaking Amish: LA
I watched Breaking Amish: Brave New World when they went to NYC too.  That title.  How dramatic can you get?  Well the shenanigans on that show definitely lived up to it.  There was so much ridiculous drama that I'm convinced it has to be fake.  It's like they were purposefully acting like jerks just so they would have stuff to fight about.  The only person I could tolerate by the end of the season was Kate; and they all seemed to gang up on her just for kicks.  LA is more of the same.  They get on a plane, experience electricity and running water for the first time.  Then they wear "English" clothes for the first time.  Once they step out of those farm clothes the madness begins.  This season is even worse.  There is already a bonafide witch and a lesbian sex scandal.  

Dance Mom's
Yep.  Still watching.  Abby is so critical.  She plays favorites and intentionally tries to pit the girls against each other.  She would adopt Maddie if Melissa would let her and she makes no secret of her distaste for Chloe, Brooke and Paige.  All the mom's do is yell and argue.  They basically seem to hate each other.  They  introduce new mom's into the mix just hoping for a fight and it usually happens.  Some of the mom's are so immature it's ridiculous.  They cuss, call each other names and get up in each others faces.  It's really bad!  The most refreshing thing about this show is how much the girls genuinely seem care about one another even when Abby is obviously trying to play one against the other.  The hugs and the kisses and words of encouragement that they give each other takes a backseat to all the drama but I can tell these girls are close in spite of all the drama.  I love watching them dance.  They are so talented.  Mj and I usually watch this together but it's really "my" show so he'll just have to miss out or catch up.  Which he won't, so I'll just tell him what happened.

Breaking Pointe
This is a Summer show and is only about 6 weeks long.  It came on last Summer and I deleted it from my DVR because I didn't think it would ever come on again.  I'm so glad I didn't miss it.  This is a behind the scenes drama filled look at Ballet West out of Salt Lake City, UT.  I'm totally intrigued my the concept of being a professional ballerina and I love Ballet so even though I really wish there was more ballet and more about ballet life then just drama I really enjoy watching the show.

America's Next Top Model
This show has been around for 10 years!! And I kid you not.  I have watched every single episode.  Every one!!! Even before I had DVR.  I love watching the girls compete and I love watching someone's dream come true at the end.  And it really does.  You don't even have to win the show to end up being a working model.  If you aren't a die hard fan of the show you may not notice it but I spot ANTM discoveries all over the place.  They fired all the original judges last season with I wasn't too thrilled about.  This season they are changing it up again by allowing Men to compete for the first time ever.  I wasn't too thrilled about that at all.  I just wasn't interested in  watching men model but a few episodes in and it turns out it's not so bad.  The men cry just like the girls when they get eliminated. 

So You Think You Can Dance
So you'd think I'd be watching this show since I love Dance but it turns out that I just couldn't do it.  I watched the first part of the season where they were still doing auditions and trying to make it to the audience vote portion.  I really liked watching the stories behind each dancer.  I even watched the first top 20 elimination show and then I remembered why I can't watch.  It's too damn long!!  I know I'm a TV junkie and all but even with the fast forwarding I cannot commit to watching a show that is 2 hours long every single week.  It's ridiculous.  Every week people get cut and yet the show is still 2 hours long! The dancers are positively amazing and talented.  I am so impressed with the beautiful things they can do with their bodies but I see it as a big time commitment and I just can't do it.  

Cheer Perfection
I wasn't so sure if this would be back for another season either.  The mom's on this show; one in particular are outrageous.  I used to be a cheerleader so I have to watch it.  Really, I have no choice.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Teen Mom 3
Time for some fresh meat.  I wasn't sure that this show would be back again but the stars have been chosen and even though I kinda don't want to I will be watching.  Why are the girls always from the South or the Midwest?  I'm pretty sure there are teen mom's on the West Coast too.  I'm thinking it might be the last group of Teen Mom's.

Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition
I watched the first season and I'm so glad it's coming back.  They compete each week and one girl wins a dance scholarship to a prestigious ballet company and lots of money.  There will be tons of cat fights and drama of course.  And I love watching the girls dance.  This year the girls look a bit older.

As far as "scripted' shows go we both watch Breaking Bad and have just started getting into Orange is the New Black.  I have this weird prison fascination so that show is perfect for me.  I'm being a good wife and not watching either one until Mj gets back.  If anyone spoils the Breaking Bad season finale for me I'm going to be pissed! We also watch Modern Family which starts up again next month.  House Hunters and Property Virgins seems to be on hiatus at the moment but I'm still watching those too.  We also watch Son's of Anarchy.  A season that we missed is currently piling up in our DVR.  I can't believe I only watch 4 non reality TV shows.  And notice how none of them are shows that I watch all on my own?


Whitney said...

I'm excited about Teen Mom 3! It comes on tonight :-)

Treasure Tromp said...

ah, SYTYCD is probably one of my all-time favorites ... I've even been to a taping or two :)

jackie jade said...

i love breaking pointe (of course!) and can't believe you didn't stick with so you think you can dance. it is reallly long but i just dvr it so i can fast forward and then it doesn't take too too long to watch. you should start watching project runway too. it's one of my fave reality shows.
-- jackie @ jade and oak

Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

We were totally hooked on Naked and Afraid!! That show is insane, I can't believe what those people go through! I'm a die heart for Modern Family, it's hilarious and always perfect timing to the mid week slump!

Gee | EverythingWeddingsAndMore said...

Oh I used to be a love of SYTYCD and ANTM but that was such a while back. I doubt I can handle anything Tyra banks now, lol...but I can defintely still watch SYTYCD anyday!

A Life Less Traveled said...

I'm also looking forward to Teen Mom 3. I was going to give up on the series when I heard one of the girls was from Orlando, so of course I have to watch it now.

Faith said...

I'm all about Breaking Bad and SOA! Love!

I feel like I don't want a lot of TV anymore ... Netflix takes up all my time ;)

Law_Fal said...

I haven't watched any of these shows but I used to be obsessed with Top Model, but then I lost track when I lived in Louisiana and the channel it came on wasn't broadcasted out there! I watch the re-runs on Style Network now!

Misty said...

I watch a lot of tv, but not a lot of reality tv. Big Brother is about as crazy as I get in the summer. Well, that and Project Runway.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

OMG I'm obsessed with Dance Moms...it's so good!!

Laura Darling said...

Naked and Afraid is so crazy! I wouldn't last an hour either!

Karly Kim said...

I love Teen Mom. It's so wrong and so good.

Lisa @ Two Martinis said...

I hate to admit it, but I'll definitely be tuning into Teen Mom 3. Guilty pleasure!

Nicole N A said...

Wow, too bad I don't have cable TV:) But it won't be much longer before I'll be glued to the TV playing catch-up. I'm really looking forward to it. I've heard nothing but great things about Breaking Amish.

Breanna Hohenstein said...

I love watching breaking bad :)

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait until Teen Mom 3-- I love all the teen mom shows.

Whitney Cypert said...

Hahaha your list of reality TV shows made me giggle. I don't watch many reality TV shows anymore which is weird because I used to love them. That's not to say we don't watch a ton of TV though! We are going to start Breaking Bad soon and one show that I have become obsessed with is Pretty Little Liars. I think you might like that one too, it's suspenseful and so good!

Jhan said...

I haven't watched the first couple seasons of ANTM, but I got hooked around cycle 14 or so. I'm not a huge fan of the photo shoots or new judges either, but I just can't NOT watch, you know? I've spotted some of the former contestants (non-winners_ as well, and I always feel incredibly happy for them. I have a love/hate feeling about the guys vs girls competition (mostly love) this year.... there's something about Mike that I quite like. :-)

afairlie said...

Haha love your list! SOA is a must and we are just starting Breaking Bad. :)

Ashley R said...

I have to admit I've watched a few Naked and Afraids.... they are so crazy. haha!