An 80 Degree Christmas

It's been about 80 degrees all week.  I keep expecting it to be cold outside.  Or at least cooler, but it's not and the only thing I don't like is that it's too warm for Uggs.  I have two pairs and I don't get to wear them nearly enough but I'm not complaining.
My Fossil Cross Body
We had a great Christmas.  Presents first thing in the morning.  MJ knocked it out of the park as usual.  He picked out this great Fossil Cross body bag for me all by himself.  It seemed just a little bit too small so we ended up exchanging it on base for the "big sister" version.  It's large enough to hold the DSLR and a sweater and anything else I'll need to carry with me.  It will be perfect for travel.  It has tons of pockets and I LOVE it.  I also love it that he picked it for me.  I'm not sure how he ended up being the purse guy but he's bought every new purse I've owned since we met.  He also got me a Victoria's Secret Pink sweat suit and brassiere  a remote and a flash for the DSLR.  He knows me so well and he's so sweet and I'm so lucky to have him.  I always feel like such a turd after he spoils me.  My mom got me a few really nice and thoughtful things too.  I got MJ the basketball shoes he wanted and surprised him with a new pair of dress shoes to replace his old beat up ones.  I also got him a lunch box; nothing big, just something he needed. 
We ate a quick breakfast before we rushed to meet my parents for the movies.  I'm so glad everyone was in agreement on seeing Catching Fire.  In preparation I watched Hunger Games again the night before in bed alone on my iPad.  I cried when Rue died just like I did the first time around and then I cried again when I saw her family on Catching Fire.  So, so sad and the movie was so good.  I really  can't wait for Mocking Jay.
Me and my beautiful mama
Dinner was at mom's house but in a different house then it's always been before.  They sold my childhood home a few months ago and this was my first time at the new place.  It's weird not going to the house that they've lived in since I was 5.  My house.  The one that held so many memories.  My Dad is already retired and my mom plans to retire next year so this was a good move for them.  They are only a few miles from the old house and they still have a ton of space in the townhouse they are renting.   They are happy there and I'm happy for them as they move into this new life stage.  My mom made a delicious meal and I finally got the Mac and Cheese that I was missing on Thanksgiving.  I took some home too.

I'm feeling really bad for my older sister.  She spent Christmas dealing with an eye disorder flare up that's been plaguing her for the last 4 months.  Her family spent Christmas Day at a hotel near Duke University hospital.  She's been in and out of the ER all week long.  She had to travel 3 hours from home a few days before Christmas, have eye surgery the day after Christmas and came home on Friday.  They did presents on Saturday.  DJ doesn't know the difference. He's 3. Christmas is whenever his parents tell him it is. Poor thing. I hope the doctor's can finally figure out what's causing it and make it stop.

There have been times when I've had so many shows piling up in the DVR that I couldn't keep up but now that I have plenty of time there is nothing there to watch.  This time a year is a dead zone for TV.  House Hunters isn't even coming on right now so I've been watching a lot of Netflix.  The day after Christmas I ran to the mall early to exchange something and then spent a few hours at my favorite coffee shop writing.   On Friday MJ was off too so we ran errands together.  Saturday I stayed home all day long.  I got some writing done in the morning and then pretty much relaxed the day away.  More of the same today.  I did yoga first thing in the morning.  I'm making dinner for the 2nd time in 2 weeks which is kind of a big deal for me...and my husband. 

Friday felt like a Saturday.  I never want this staycation to end!  We finally made it through all of the baked goods but there is plenty of wine.  This is what $170 worth of wine looks like.  Yesterday I turned Pandora to the Christmas channel and the lights on the tree come on every day.  I'm holding onto the holidays and my staycation for as long as I can.


Law_Fal said...

Glad u had a great Christmas! I'm trying to hold on to the staycation as long as I can as well. Hunger Games was really good, I'm glad to know I wasn't the only person crying when sweet little Rue died... Enjoy the rest of your time off!

Chloe Jacqueline said...

What a wonderful Christmas! You are gorgeous, and so is your family! Praying for your sister, hopefully she starts to feel better asap!

TOI said...

I'm happy Christmas was nice - I asked the weatherman to send you colder weather but I guess he didn't listen to me.

Sorry to read about your sister's eye disorder, hopefully she gets well soon.

Happy New Year

Nerline Germain said...

Everybody looks so happy.

jackie jade said...

glad you had a nice Christmas. and hope your sister's eye issues get figured out and fixed up soon!
-- jackie @ jade and oak

Anonymous said...

Nice to see others who enjoyed the holiday. Sorry to hear about your sister no one wants to be sick during the holidays and any day for that matter. All that wine...I would be in heaven...LOL!

Catherine Gacad said...

i've become so obsessed with the hunger games movies that i started reading the trilogy. i'm almost done with the first book, it's been great.

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

Looks like you had such a wonderful Christmas!

Amy said...

So sorry about your sister :( I work at Duke and live 15 minutes away from the hospital. If she ever needs a place to crash our door is open!

Faith said...

80 degrees?! I can't even imagine right now!

You got some great gifts! Sean loves Aldos and I'm thinking the shoes MJ is wearing he will love as well!

So sorry about your sister :(. I hope it gets figured out very quickly!

So glad you saw Catching Fire ... so, so good! I cried too.

Glad you got your Mac & Cheese ... that's very important ;)

Faith said...

holding* not wearing

Anonymous said...

So sorry your sister has problems with her eye - that can't be fun, especially not during the holiday season when doctors are nowhere to be found.

Great pictures...I hope that you and MJ have a great New Year's Eve! Hopefully you have better plans than we do (read: nothing). :)

Pegster said...

Can I tell you how green with envy I got when I saw your title, 80 degrees, really, I want that.
Looks like such a great Christmas celebration with your family.

Sorry to hear about your sister's eye problems. I hope she heals nicely from the surgery.

Anonymous said...

I can't even imagine how 80 degrees feels right now. We are going to be hit with a snow storm at some point today… I am so sorry about your sister and hope she recovers from her surgery quickly. Other than that, I'm glad you guys enjoyed your holidays! :)

Whitney Cypert said...

MJ did spoil you! Don't you love when that happens? ; ) I'm glad y'all had a good Christmas and that is has been warm, I know how you love your warm weather! Catching Fire was SO good, I'm already ready to watch it again. Sorry about your sister, bless her heart!