Falling off the Wagon

The vacation recaps are over so now I can finally talk about something else.  Thanks to all who read or commented.  It was really nice to hear from some of you that you actually enjoyed them. 

I seriously had the most awesome work out today. My last day of work was Friday and I'm off until the day after New Years.  One of the big reasons why I can't work anywhere else.  I woke up in a great mood because I was laying down in bed instead of sitting up at my desk at work.  I was happy to be going to the gym and it showed in my work out.  Attitude is everything. 

Confession.  I've totally fallen off the exercise wagon.  The work outs were becoming less and less per week until they just stopped.  On Tuesday the week before my vacation I forced myself the gym and then realized I didn't pack a shirt when I got there so I left.  I was secretly really glad and I could have come home and worked out but I didn't.  I just said forget it and took it as a sign that I wasn't supposed to work out that week at all.  I kinda feel like it was bound to happen at some point.  It got cold,  I was tired, and the holidays were coming.  That's no excuse but I've been exercising consistently for the last 3 years and I just think I needed a break.  I did not work out the week before my vacation nor the two weeks after and I've been really unmotivated since the beginning of last month.  I'm planning on getting back into the swing of it this week while I'm off work and then continuing those good habits into the new year.  So far so good.  I worked out on Saturday and Sunday at home.  Saturday I did 30 day shred and was happy to find that I can still do level 3 from start to finish even though I think it's been a good month since I've done it.  Today and tomorrow is cardio at the gym.
Work out song recommendation for your play list
So back to that awesome work out.  Once I got started I really felt like I could go on forever.  I know a big part of it is the music.  I downloaded about 4 new songs right before I left and they are really doing it for me right now!!  I was jamming out the whole time.  I was silently lip syncing the songs and bopping my head to the beat.  I WISH I had my own elliptical at home because it would have felt great to sing it out loud.  I kept upping the resistance higher then I usually do.  I was smiling and having a really good time.  It was just the music and me pushing myself to go longer and harder.  The endorphins were flying and even though my legs were so sore from my previous work outs I was feeling really good.  When my 60 minutes were up I didn't want to stop.  Which is really weird.

I wish every work out could be that way.   Why can't I bottle up this feeling and whip it out whenever I'm severely lacking in motivation?  Specifically at 5:45 pm on a Tuesday evening after a long day of working and barely keeping my eyes open.  Some days working out just sucks.  I'm so glad there are days like this to remind me that yes, I actually do enjoy working out and that dripping sweat for an hour on the elliptical can actually be fun.  When the daily grind starts saps the life out of me is when I have the problem.  So basically, the problem is work!  If I could just do away with that pesky little activity I'm pretty sure I'd be a lot better off work out wise.  I'm always so much more motivated and energetic when I'm on break.  I can only wish that were an option.

So now the trick will be as always, sticking with it.  I'm hoping that I can.


Nerline Germain said...

At least you know when to get back on it. I have 20 more pounds to go..... Jealous:-) Merry Christmas!!

Law_Fal said...

It shows that you are faithful work out lady by how cute your shape is! I need to borrow some dedication so I can rock bikinis on the beach too!

afairlie said...

It feels so good, when you do it! You go girl :)

Whitney Cypert said...

Isn't work the worst? I swear it gets in the way of everything! I think I have actually enjoyed working out only once in my life! lol I feel good AFTER a workout but never during it. Also, I know I have asked you before, but do you love that Polar watch? I have been thinking about getting one forever and just haven't.