Spilt Milk

Laugh at myself story for the day:
It is not uncommon for there to be a cup of water just sitting in the fridge. Often times I will get some water to drink, not drink it all and just stick it back in the fridge. If I am thirsty again later I'll just reach into the fridge and grab it.

Well, yesterday I reached into the fridge and grabbed the water cup but when I took a swallow I was met with a very unfortunate surprise. Instead of water it was spoiled and rancid milk that had been sitting in the fridge the whole time we were out of town. It only took a few seconds for my taste buds to to tell my brain "Crap, It's not water!!!!" before I was running towards the sink to spit it out.

I'm the type of person who has never vomited outside of a toilet no matter how much alcohol consumed. I go through 5 napkins during one meal because I have to wipe my fingers after every time I pick up a piece of finger food and can't stand to see crumbs on the kitchen counter, but I could not hold in this rancid milk long enough to make it the entire 3 steps from my fridge to my sink. I almost did, so there wasn't too much spillage but the taste was so disgusting that I hardly even cared. I just kept spitting and moaning and rinsing my mouth out with water. Mj came rushing into the kitchen thinking I'd fallen or something! Ok, maybe I am dramatic but it was pretty traumatic at first. It was disgusting and funny at the same time.

"Mj bring me my toothbrush." I couldn't even bear to stop spitting, sputtering, and rinsing long enough to go to the bathroom and get it myself. As the shock wore off we both started laughing because it is quite hilarious when you really think about it.

I proceeded to cleanse my mouth of that horrible taste. Has anyone ever had curdled chunky sour milk? Well, I don't suggest that you do.

Mj says "that's why you should always look before you drink." Lesson learned.

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