Bridal Bouquet & Dress Size

Did anyone know that the size of the bride is supposed to play a role in the size of her bridal bouquet? I surely didn't but come to think of it the florist did mention something about my size and that the bouquet should not overpower me or overshadow my dress. I guess it makes sense I just never thought about it. In doing some internet research I actually came across a formula.
  • Dress size 1-10=12 roses
  • Dress size 12-18=18 roses
  • Dress size 20+ =24 roses
I came across this pic of a bride with a gigantic bouquet and it is a perfect illustration of how a bouquet can overshadow a bride. Now that's a big bouquet if I ever saw one!! You can hardly even see her dress behind that thing. I think they went a bit over board on that one.
Also, you are apparently not supposed to toss your actual bridal bouquet. The florist asked me if I wanted a throw away one and I decided not to for budget reasons. If I do a throw away bouquet you can bet that will be one I buy at the grocery store and put together myself! I am not even sure I want to do a bouquet toss. I think I will see how many single ladies there are going to be and decide from there. And, the more I think about it the less I want to throw my $110 bouquet away. It's going to die anyways and I will be throwing it away eventually but I guess for sentimental reasons I would like to wake up the next morning and still have it around.


Olivea said...

That picture is hysterical. It looks like she is carrying a rose bush. My bouquet is going to be small for budget reasons. It is too funny that there is an actual formula for that though!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea there was a formula...crazy. I'm definitely keeping my bouquet! I've still got my roses that my fiance gave me after six months and the ones he gave me when he asked me to marry him.