Call Of The Jammies

I have such a difficult time breaking myself out of my work week ritual of home, shower, eat, TV, random internet surfing, bed and usually in that order. I do want to go out for Tapas with Mj to celebrate his friends B day but I also want to go home and jump into my pajamas. When I make plans with friends to do anything after work it has to be at 5:30pm so I can go straight there and then get on home so I am not out too late. Logistically, that's best too because I work towards the center of town and live about 14 miles east. I'm not about to zig zag back back and forth across town or be stuck waiting with nowhere to go. Besides, most happy hours end by 7pm. If we can't coordinate our schedules for 6:00pm at the latest and/or meet at a mid point it just 'aint happening. Once I walk through the front door after a long day of work the call of jammies and relaxation is usually just too strong for me to resist.

Tonight we are meeting up at 7pm. Instead of running through all of those excuses like "I'm tired, it's a work night and I have to be at work an hour early tomorrow" I am going to step out of my stainless steel comfort zone and go. There is really no good reason not to. It's Spring so we have an extra hour of daylight and it's a nice 70 degrees out. It'll be fun, I can finally find out what the heck Tapas are and I really need to stop acting like I'm 70 years old.

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Olivea said...

Sounds a lot like me. Tapas are delicious, have fun!