Movin' My Lazy Butt

Saturday I did something that I sadly have not done in quite a while. I put on some tennis shoes and some spandex and got my lazy butt moving. Nothing big. I just tagged along with Mj to the rec center for basketball and used the time to get in a little bit of exercise for myself. I strapped on my i pod and started walking. Let's just say I really needed it too! Friday date night was a Comedy Club/dinner date where I devoured some cheese sticks and a giant greasy [delicious] Chicken Casadilla, DESSERT and had no problem meeting my 2 drink minimum requirement.

My neighborhood is a little suspect so I am not very comfortable walking around there lest I run into the barefoot, basket pushing mentally ill folks talking to themselves that I normally only see at a safe distance from my car. I don't have room for exercise videos in the house and I can't seem to drag my butt to the gym at 6:00pm after getting off work. It was much more doable when I got off at 3:30pm. Making matters worse, they shut down the old Active Club when they built the new Sport Club and I have not upgraded to Sport level. No excuses! I am truly to blame for being so lazy and not figuring out a way to fit in exercise.

After about 1 hour of brisk walking I found a corner to do some stretching and could feel that I have lost a lot of my flexibility over the years. I used to be a regular gumby and now I have to struggle a little bit to get my nose to my knees. There was a ramp railing and I put my leg up and did some stretching and plies that reminded me of my old ballet classes. Which I dearly miss. I could just feel my body aching to dance and leap and arch gracefully. It's the gymnast in me. I miss movement. I miss pointing my toes and extending my fingers just so. I miss standing on my hands in a perfect split and coming down in a lunge and the feeling of exertion it takes to control the movements of my body and push it further and further. Granted, I know I will never be able to do what I used to but I can't think of much better exercise then standing on my hands even if it's just cartwheels and back walk overs. Yoga and Pilate's is a great way to maintain and I haven't been since August when I went along with my mom. You know you are out of shape when you are sore and doing the stick up your butt walk just from walking and heavy stretching.

My old gymnastics days along with diet is what's kept me in shape to this day. Appearance wise anyways. Despite my lack of working out the abs and the little biceps don't seem to go away no matter how much I neglect them. I am so grateful for the foundation of fitness it has left me with but it has also made me complacent. Just because I don't need to loose weight [of course this is debatable] doesn't mean that I don't need to work out. My endurance is down and my flexibility is lacking. My heart and body needs a work out to stay healthy.

I'm not into making promises I may not be able to keep but I am going to see what I can do about getting myself active again. The last time I had a work out routine and was going to the gym regularly was in 2008!!! It's been far too long and even if my mind is lazy enough to keep me away from the gym it's obvious that my body still craves it.

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Anonymous said...

You know I've been working it out to lose for that dang dress. But I generally am pretty good, though I've found that a good break from working out does my heart good too.