I'm Gettin' Chair Covers

I know I know, it's probably something someone somewhere made up to convince brides that there was something so wrong with chairs that they needed to be covered up so they could make money and I am falling into their evil trap. I just couldn't help but be amazed when I saw before and after pics with and without. I love the way they totally transform a room and make it so festive and elegant. It's a great way to incorporate your wedding colors too.

When I saw that the ballroom chairs at our venue were gold not some ugly maroon or green color I decided that chair covers were not a must have. It's a nice cozy ballroom on it's own. I would table it and see where we ended up budget wise everywhere else AND what kind of deal I could get and make a decision then. Aside from my little simple centerpieces that I am making and the tulle to decorate the ceremony arch I am not doing much decorating so it would be nice to do something but not at the expense of budget. When even the groom pipes up and says that it would be a really nice touch...well, then you really have to take it into consideration.

Some charge as high as $4.50 per chair but I found a lady that works out of her home who only charges $2.70 a chair total!! This is pretty much the lowest price anyone is offering them for in our area. This includes delivery, set up, and breakdown. That is a super bargain and I really wanted them so I decided to go for it. The total cost is $202.50 for 75 chairs. I also added the $11.00 insurance at .15 per chair so if any permanent staining or damage occurs to any of the covers I won't be responsible for replacing them.

I considered black covers with pink sashes because those are our exact colors but have decided to go with a white cover and the light pink organza sash instead. The black just didn't look right against a white table cloth and even if I wanted to pay for black linens which I don't.  black on black would have darkened up the room way too much. I plan on choosing the black linen napkins.

I'm even getting excited about my DIY centerpieces now which will cost about $80 total for 10-11 tables. I found slightly fuller and a bit higher rounded vases at Walmart with a lip at the top for $1 each. This one is not so tiny and it will allow me to tie a black organza bow around each one. I'm adding a single floating pink carnation to each. It will be lit up with a submersible LED light and have pink stones at the bottom. They will sit on top of the round mirror and be surrounded by 3 votive candles and I'll scatter pink and black silk flower petals around it. So far, I've only found black ones online and the best price is 500 for $6.00 at eFavorMart.com. It's all coming together!

I am so thrilled to be adding such a pretty decoration to our venue that actually fits my budget. Our reception will be transformed into this beautiful display of whimsy and elegance. I am so not the girl who has always dreamed of a fairytale wedding. Not that I didn't want one. I just never imagined it would be possible for me and it's so exciting to feel like I am getting one now.

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Anonymous said...

Girl, if you want chair covers...then you should get yourself some chair covers! Anything beyond a groom, an officiant, and a marriage license is extra anyway.

Don't apologize for wanting to do things the way you want to do them.