His Drill Is My Mini Vaca

Mj's B-day is on Sunday and the poor guy has drill all weekend so we decided it would be nice for me to tag along.  He did book a room at the Renaissance Hotel after all and it would be a shame to let all of those amenities go to waste seeing as how he won't really be able to take advantage of them.

Friday night we drove up and checked into the hotel.  It's on Pine Street right across from the Long Beach Convention Center and in the middle of everything.  We met a few of his Army friends at Cafe Sevilla which was within walking distance.  They were doing a lot of shop talk but it was cool to finally meet these people that he was deployed with for all of last year.

Saturday morning I woke up to a spectacular harbor side view outside my hotel room and by 10:15 am hit the road for my walk along the marina.

The view was nothing short of spectacular.  I read on the Internet that if you walk to the pier and back it would be a total of 6 MILES so that's what I did.  The sun was reflecting off of of the water brilliantly.  As I walked along the pedestrian path I was struck by just how beautiful my surroundings were.  It was a bright sunny day but the air was crisp and cool, just the way I like it for walking.  I don't have to feel like the sun is beating me down or get all super hot and sweaty.

This pier I was supposedly walking towards was not visible as far as the eye could see but I kept my pace up and eventually I could see it lurking there in the distance.

On the way back I was rewarded with yet another spectacular view of the city skyline.  My pace slowed considerably and my legs were fatigued but I was still enjoying the walk.

All together it took me about two hours to get from the hotel to the pier and back again.  I changed into my bikini and headed straight for the jacuzzi which felt great.

There are a bunch of weddings going here.  I saw a few different bridal parties all dressed up which got me all excited thinking about my own coming up so soon!  Now I am sitting in Borders using their free Wi Fi, drinking a Vanilla Latte, and eating a whole wheat pretzel.  Normally I don't want to spend any money on snacks because it's always overpriced but for some reason I just didn't care and I liked that.  It just goes to show you don't really have to go too far to feel like you are on vacation.

Mj should be off pretty soon and we plan to go to dinner or a bar later to celebrate his Birthday.  There is so much to do down here we won't have any problem finding some place fun.


Steph said...

Sounds like a great weekend! It's great that you got to go with him and spend some time together and some alone time. I love a little alone time once in awhile.

undomestic chica said...

The pictures look heavenly!