So Close To Closing

Our final walk through on the house is THIS THURSDAY.  During this time we will walk through the house with the builder and note anything that needs fixing up.  A lot of people don't hire independent inspections on new builds, but we are and he will be meeting us there.  Once we determine everything is A OK they should have our loan and closing documents ready for us.  Once the documents are signed that signifies closing.  The bank funds, the county records, and about two days after signing we get our keys making the house officially ours. 

The main changes from April 25th to now that I can see are that the sinks, toilets, carpets, and plumbing are all in and the garage door has been painted.  It appears to be pretty much done.  I was so worried that we made the wrong choice with the grayish flooring because it didn't seem to match our tan counter tops but once I saw it with the carpet next to it I could see how it all ties together.  We plan on re doing the counter tops and all downstairs flooring in hardwood later, but it's nice to be OK with how it looks now.

May 5th
We chose a nice sectional, beautiful King size bedroom set, and a comfy pillow top mattress on Saturday so we are already on track for furnishing the place.  The other must haves when we move in are refrigerator, washer, dryer, and window coverings.  We have already  decided on what colors we want the walls and I have all of these ideas about how I want to decorate.  It's so much FUN, but my oh my how everything adds up.  It's SO expensive to set up a house.  I am totally blown away by the amount of money we are spending this year.  It just dawned on me that we are literally planning to move NEXT WEEK.  It's no longer some far off possibility.  I need to schedule a moving truck and a carpet cleaner for my condo ASAP.  We will also need many, many boxes.

Not only are we getting closer to our new home but we are also getting closer to our wedding day. July 10th will be here before we know it.  It's ONLY TWO MONTHS AWAY!!  So much is happening and I'm so excited.


JEM - Aqua Bride said...

That sounds sooooo exciting. I loved being able to decorate our place when we first bought it. Having a blank slate to do as you please is really fun. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

How exciting! good luck with this all; I know a few families who I babysit for have been dealing with house moving/selling drama and it is the pits! I'll enjoy hearing more!