Mj's B Day In Long Beach

Saturday evening we walked around the harbor a bit looking for a restaurant where we wanted to eat.  He decided on a little soul food restaurant where the food was actually pretty disappointing but we got to sit and watch the Mosely/Mayweather fight, listen to a few jazz numbers and get our drink on.  He wanted dessert so we went to Rock Bottom next where we each did a tequila shot in honor of his B Day.  He got a giant carrot cake (and could only eat half) and I got a mini peanut butter mousse dessert which was just the right size.

It was a quick smooch and a groggy "Happy Birthday Baby" Sunday morning and Mj was off to work again out the door before 8am.  I felt so guilty for enjoying myself SO much while he had to work and it was HIS birthday.  At first I wasn't sure if I would be able to do another walk because my legs were so sore from the day before but it was so pretty out.  My legs felt better in the morning and it didn't make sense not to enjoy the weather and get some exercise.  Initially I planned on NOT going doing the whole 6 miles again but once I got started I wanted to go the distance and finish thought about the Mac & Cheese with French Fries I had for dinner last night and figured I'd better go ahead and handle that.  The hotel allowed a late check out so I had plenty of time to finish the walk and get into the jacuzzi before checking out.  I was only homeless roomless for a couple hours and I spent part of that time at Borders.  Oh why can't this be my life?  Why must I have to have pesky little job waiting for me on Monday? Oh yeah.  Our brand new house...our wedding.  Bills.  Sigh.

He picked me up from the hotel after work and we headed home.  We stopped by our new house on the way back.  It was locked but we peeked through the windows like robbers casing the joint and could see that the carpet, the kitchen sink, and our window blinds were in. It's looking so good!!

First thing I did when we walked in the door is give him his B Day present.  Hmmm.....I think he liked it!!!  He is soooo CUTE and oh how I LOVE making that man happy!

He just started laughing as soon as he saw this box.  He left his toothbrush on an airplane on his way home from Kosovo last year.  Not just any toothbrush.  A $150 Philips Sonicare toothbrush.  So, I bought him another one.  He bought one for both of us last year and it felt a little unfair having one when he didn't considering the only reason I had one at all was because of him.  We both LOVE it.  Once you go Sonicare it's really hard to go back to regular manual tooth brushing and I know he's been missing it.  I want him to keep up his pearly whites too.  I also got him a spa gift certificate so he can get a nice relaxing massage.

I had a wonderful little mini vaca and despite having to work all weekend I hope that Mj enjoyed his Birthday. The only thing that would've made it all sweeter was getting to spend more time with him.   I might have to tag along to drill more often!  It's got me longing for our honeymoon when we will have a nice LONG faraway vacation TOGETHER.  Can't wait.


Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

I know I've said this before, but ya'll are such a cute couple!

Anonymous said...

Awww...too cute!