The Question Of Cake

Our 4th and final tasting took place from the comfort of our own home.  We had a wagon wheel assortment of about 8 different cake flavors and 10 different fillings from bakery #4 to mix and match with along with our specially made sample of 3 layer white and chocolate cake with peanut butter mousse filling and a layer of fudge from bakery #3 and went to town.  Bakery #4 had decent cake, but was the 2nd most expensive and I felt their $150 charge for an extra sheet cake was exorbitant.  We both agreed that we wouldn't choose them and that bakery #2 although the cheapest of them all wasn't as tasty.  Much to my dismay After all those tastings Mj still favored the flavors from bakery #1, the very first place we went to which also happens to be the most expensive.  I on the other hand wanted to marry am in love with the special sample from bakery #3 and I really liked their Marble cake too.  I also prefer their prices-they were the next cheapest.  Mj liked them too.  Not as much as bakery #1 but even so I thought they might be a good compromise.  So, what to do? I liked bakery #1 as well and the only reason I continued the cake hunt is because I was hoping to find a more reasonable price-which we did-just  not quite up to Mj's standards.  I decided to go with bakery #1 that  Mj preferred and we will use the the pink with black ribbons around the bottom design that we both liked from bakery #3. 

We will not be freezing our top tier.  Out of all of the other places we went to bakery #1 was the only one who pushed that as standard.  They get more money that way because now the couple has to purchase extra cake to feed their guests if the whole top layer will be frozen and preserved for later.  I would rather get more out of the most expensive cake I will ever buy in my life on the day of especially since I don't even want year old freezer burned cake.  If we really want to, which we probably won't we can go back to the salon in a year and order the same flavors for much less money.  Tradition is just going to have to take a hike on this one.  They are also the only bakery to have a deposit for cake holders.

I feel like I've been had a little ill after booking it today because to me it is absolutely ridiculous insane to spend $431.25 on a cake.  We will be getting a 3 tier round with Peanut Butter Chocolate on the bottom and Pudding Chiffon on the top two layers with butter cream frosting.  There is a $40 delivery fee and a $50 refundable cake holder deposit for a grand total of $471.25 (not including the parts deposit).  If we need an extra sheet cake that feeds 25 it will be an additional $50.00.   Bakery #3 was only going to charge us $375 + $42 for an additional sheet cake.  If I truly had it my way I probably would have gone with least tasty but not bad bakery #2 which offered $275 for a 100 person cake and called it a day.  Admittedly, their cake wasn't as good as any of the others but at the end of the day it's really just cake and I'm not convinced that it matters all that much. 

This puts me about $71.25 over my planned cake budget which I'm not happy about and I can't help but wonder if the cake we ordered is really THAT much better then the cheapest one.  I tend to be extremely budget minded and will often settle or accept sub par at the expense of price.  This is OUR wedding so I have decided not to make a big hoopla about it and defer to the groom's more expensive tasty and less budget biased preference.  I have plenty of opportunities to be cheap frugal in other areas of my our life so I will just let this one go.

Overpriced wedding cake:  CHECK.


JEM - Aqua Bride said...

Oh wow, our small 2 tier cake cost $275 but this is NYC so everything is expensive. Our guests will be fed from a dessert buffet and our cake will be given in large chunks to family members.

Southerland Living said...

YAY! I think that yall made a good chioice! You can cut back somewhere else along the way. So excited for you!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's just worth it to make those close to you happy. So for a couple extra bucks, you gave your honey his first choice and probably made him feel that you were truly taking his feelings into account.

One happy fiance: check! :)