Rome, Italy October 2012
Prior to 2010 I hadn't traveled much. My vacations up to that point were a Caribbean cruise, Las Vegas, and just across the border to Rosarito and Ensenada Mexico. I was severely bitten by the travel bug when we spent our honeymoon in Oahu in 2010, and I've been planning my next vacation ever since. We liked Hawaii so much we went back three more times.  My first trip abroad was a fifteen day ten city European whirlwind vacation through Spain, France, Italy and The Netherlands in October of 2012. I went back in 2016, and we got to spend Thanksgiving in Rome that year.  I still couldn't get enough, and got to go back for six weeks in 2017.  Our home base was Stuttgart, Germany, and we had the best summer ever exploring Paris, Athens, Santorini, Mallorca, and Prague for four weeks.

Can I quit my job and get paid to travel the world and document it on social media? No? Okay, well I guess I will have to fit in as much as I can! So many places to go and way too little time, but this is what I've managed so far.

England, Ireland & Portugal, 2020-Cancelled by Covid

Springdale, UT: Zion National Park 2020 


Snapshot from Amsterdam, 2012
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