Oahu, HI 2010

Rome, Italy October 2012
Snapshot from Amsterdam, 2012
Our biggest trip thus far is when we did a 15 day 10 city European whirlwind vacation through Spain, France, Italy and The Netherlands in October of 2012.  I planned this trip like it was my job!   I was obsessed with research for months looking for the best deals and figuring out the logistics of it all.  Europe is not cheap but compared to what I've seen for the average cost of a European vacation we did pretty good.  We used just about every mode of transportation possible from ship to train.  We tried to pack as much into the trip as possible because's not every day that you get to go to Europe.  We had another Europe trip together in 2016 and have had many wonderful travel adventures in between.
Maui, HI 2013
Can I quit my job and get paid to travel the world and document it on social media?  No?  Okay, well I guess I will have to fit in as much as I can.  So many places to go and way too little time, but this is what I've managed so far.

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