Things We Considered Before Buying New Contruction

When we started looking at houses our priority was a decent location, price, and a list of must have's that we were really, really hoping we could get. We tried to keep that list as short as possible. The part that stressed me out the most is that we had a home we would have to sell, before we could buy something else. I wasn't hopeful that the stars would align so that we would find a buyer for our house, and get an offer accepted on a home we wanted to buy at the same time. Between house hunting, making your own house available for showings, negotiations, inspections, and funding there are a lot of variables that need to pan out in a timeline that works for the buyer of our home, the seller of the home we want, and us. People do it, but I don't know how, without selling your house, renting, then doing the home search from there. We definitely wanted a newer or updated home. We didn't have our mind set on buying new construction, but doing so did streamline the buying/selling process. We didn't have to worry about competing with other offers, or trying to time out multiple closings. Sometimes the builder negotiates with discounts or credits, but the price is the price, and it's first come first served. Once you pre-qualify, sign the contract and hand over earnest money the house is yours pending funding, and any contingencies, such as selling your current home are taken care of. We ended up moving twice anyway, but we had a closing date, and could plan for it.  Having everything new is nice, but there are a lot of things we had to consider.