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My New Favorite Meal Delivery Service

Recently we tried Hungry Root; A meal delivery service that focuses on grocery delivery with simple recipes. After completing a quiz at sign up, you pick a plan size and get either their suggested meals or ones you choose to substitute in yourself. And because it’s a grocery delivery service you can also order snack foods, and other a la carte grocery items that you might need for the week using a credits system. I do not quite understand how the credit system works, so I can't really explain it that well, but somehow the number of credits you have is based on your plan size and then that determines how much you end up paying for any a la carte items. Anything that you would get at the grocery store you can also get from them. Dairy, bread, produce. They have it all. 

One Night On The Strip

Las Vegas is truly an adult playground if there ever was one, and they don't call it sin city for nothing. It's a spectacle that screams party, opulence, excess, and sex. Each building tries to outdo the next, and and there is always something new to see and do. People get wild, but I love the energy, and I love that anything goes vibe. The sun and heat is very intense during the day, but warm summer nights are the best. Vegas is close enough that even before my parents lived there, it was one of our favorite getaway spots. Most of the time we go to the strip, but there have been times that we skipped it in favor of Fremont Street or nothing at all. Especially if it's cold. This time, spent one night on the strip and the rest with family. 

Doing All The Things in San Diego

When MJ's brother (plus girlfriend) and sister (plus cousin) came to town, I knew that we would go wine tasting. I was tasked with organizing that, and we planned it for the day of MJ's Birthday. By the time they showed up, we also knew that we would spend their first day here, exploring downtown San Diego. Those were the only solid plans, but by the time they left we did so much that we made up for at least part of 2020 lock down in one week. We did all the things! I was exhausted, but it was also a lot of fun. 

Last Minute Jaunt to Las Vegas

I'm getting pretty good at this last minute trip thing. It still makes me a little crazy, but I know that I can do it, and sometimes knowing is half the battle. MJ decided on Monday night that he would for sure go to his flag football tournament that coming weekend. The one in Henderson. Which is not too far from Las Vegas. The gears in my head started turning a bit because my parents live in Vegas, but I didn't want to run any interference on his guys football weekend. He had nothing planned, and I already knew I couldn't deal with how casual he is about everything. I'd be freaking out because that's what I do, and he'd be cool as a cucumber. I just didn't want the stress. Which is all self induced, mind you but that's neither here nor there.

Vaccinated in a Parking Garage

Most of the posts about the covid-19 vaccination from people I follow on Instagram express excitement or relief about getting their vaccine. For me, it's neither. It was pretty naive of me, but this time last year I was thinking about the vaccine as something that would save us all. In my mind, the vaccine would be the key to opening up the world and things getting back to normal, but as time went on I realized it was a lot more complicated than that. It's a start, but it's not going to be the magic bullet I kinda thought it would be. Not only that, I was scared to get it.