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The Holidays

The holidays were in a word. AWESOME. Did I do much? No. Did I go anywhere? No. And that's part of what made it so great. I love a good staycation.

I kind of feel like the fun of the holiday season starts with Halloween. We went to the 17 Door Haunted House up in orange county for the second time, and there is a good chance I will never go back. It was super intense. I was so traumatized! Click the link and you will see what I mean. I just looked at it again to link it here and got flashbacks.

Summer Things Catch Up: Atlanta & Buffalo

Now as part of my summer things catch up series I'm jumping back in time to July and September when we traveled to the other side of the United States twice for sporting events.

Summer Things Catch Up : Las Vegas Part III


I'm going to jump back in time to August. Even though it's November. Why bother you ask? Because this is my blog and it has to be here. Late or not. I went out of state once per month in July, August, and September. I think I was overwhelmed by all the posting it was going to be and my time was stretched between writing and YouTube so I didn't. Now I feel like I can't not so I'm doing two summer things catch up posts. 

My New Favorite Meal Delivery Service

Recently we tried Hungry Root; A meal delivery service that focuses on grocery delivery with simple recipes. After completing a quiz at sign up, you pick a plan size and get either their suggested meals or ones you choose to substitute in yourself. And because it’s a grocery delivery service you can also order snack foods, and other a la carte grocery items that you might need for the week using a credits system. I do not quite understand how the credit system works, so I can't really explain it that well, but somehow the number of credits you have is based on your plan size and then that determines how much you end up paying for any a la carte items. Anything that you would get at the grocery store you can also get from them. Dairy, bread, produce. They have it all. 

One Night On The Strip

Las Vegas is truly an adult playground if there ever was one, and they don't call it sin city for nothing. It's a spectacle that screams party, opulence, excess, and sex. Each building tries to outdo the next, and and there is always something new to see and do. People get wild, but I love the energy, and I love that anything goes vibe. The sun and heat is very intense during the day, but warm summer nights are the best. Vegas is close enough that even before my parents lived there, it was one of our favorite getaway spots. Most of the time we go to the strip, but there have been times that we skipped it in favor of Fremont Street or nothing at all. Especially if it's cold. This time, spent one night on the strip and the rest with family.