Bikini Body Guide Round Three

When we went into lock down that didn't change working out for me because I'd already been working out at home for a really long time and loving it. That being said, it was NOT my idea to do Bikini Body Guide. It was actually my husbands, and being that I am working from home made committing to an exercise program together more doable. I knew it would be a challenge, but I agreed to do it as long as my knees would let me. 

2020 Done and Dusted

Happy New Year!!! I actually had to read through my last blog post to remember what I last wrote about. Go me! Work kicked my butt from November right into Christmas break as usual. Working at home has made my busy time of year a little bit less bad, but still. I was READY for my break. Christmas was so nice. It was just MJ and I but it was a wonderful day. I exercised, had wine, and we watched Wonder Woman. In past years, I felt pressure to "do" something if it was just going to be us on Christmas, but due to covid that pressure was not a thing. It was nice to make our thing we do a nice dinner at home without feeling like we should have done something. We had steak for dinner on Christmas Day and New Year's Eve. It was better than eating at a restaurant. I'm still eating mostly meatless, but sometimes you just want a good steak. Or burger.