Time Flies

My goodness.  The last two weeks have literally flown by.  Work has been very busy so my days there fly by and then fitting in schoolwork, the gym and house work outside of working hours has left me utterly exhausted and wondering where my time has disappeared to.  There simply isn't enough of it.  Then, the long awaited weekend comes and I still feel like I didn't have too much time for relaxing.  Two weekends ago was packed with activity.  It was a fun weekend but busy.  Saturday was spent shopping and running errands.  On Saturday night we met up with friends of mine I haven't seen since my wedding for a nice dinner out downtown.  How does that happen?  How do you go over a year without seeing people that live 30 minutes away?  They have two children and one of them is pursuing a Master's degree full time.  Life is just busy.  Then Sunday I spent the day at my mom's to spend some time with my older sister and my nephew, while Mj went over to his friend's house to finally see their new baby.  That was that.

Monday my dad finally got his kidney transplant.  My mom called me while I was at work and I went and spent most of the night waiting in the hospital with her.  I was almost falling asleep in my chair.  Then Tuesday I was back to the hospital to see my dad as part of an extended lunch break then straight to class after work.  We didn't get out until 10:00pm.  I squeezed in a gym work out on Thursday at 5:30am before work and I was tired all day long.  I know I'm busy when it takes me almost a whole week to watch America's Next top Model.  When do I get a chance to just sit on my butt for hours and clear out my DVR?   Friday night we watched a movie.  Saturday morning I woke up and cleaned house and then we did a bunch of errands all day long then visited my dad in the hospital.  He's doing well.  He should be out of the hospital by tomorrow or Tuesday.  We picked up dinner on the way home and watched another movie.  We do love our movie nights.

Today I woke up and had to do homework.  Ugggg!!  I actually got really tired and had to take a nap.  Once I woke up it seemed that half the day was gone.  I did more homework and then I FINALLY got a chance to sit on my butt and chill.  Sad as that may sound, I live for that when I haven't had a chance to do it in a while.  I'm clearing some shows out of my DVR and getting my House Hunters fix.  This is the first day that I've felt like I could actually put together a coherent blog post.  If I didn't have to spend 40 hours a week at work I'd have plenty of time, but I wouldn't have much of anything else! So I guess that means I better brace myself for another busy week ahead.

Team USA is Golden

Team USA Gold  [Source:  USA Gymastics.com]
If you follow gymnastics this is no longer breaking news but the US women won team gold at the World Championships last week in Tokyo.  They did am amazing job!  Every single one of them stuck every single routine through the qualifying competition and final competition.  Alica Sacramone tore her Achilles in podium training so she was out.  This was a real  blow to the team but they didn't let it affect them.  Russia was second China finished third and the Romanians were in fourth.  It's a very unforgiving format with three gymnasts up on each event and every single score counts.  Every other team had breaks but not USA.  They were like perfect little dancing flipping machines and could not be stopped.  They aired the Team Final and the Individual All around competition last weekend on NBC so I got four hours of gymnastics over the weekend.  Universal Sports aired the event finals but unfortunately we don't get that channel for free.  I would have been willing to pay the $19.99 to watch it live on Universal  Sports online but with the time difference between here and Tokyo I would not have gotten to sleep.  The Pan Am Games start soon.  I'm hoping that will be televised as well.  Could it be possible that I would actually get to watch 4 competitions on TV in the same year?  We'll see.  Nastia Liukin (2008 Olympic All Around Champion) officially announced her comeback.  By this time I just thought she was stringing the media along for the last 2 years saying "we'll see" when she really meant "no way" but it looks like she's really doing it so it'll be interesting to see how she does.

Chusovitina, Maroney & Thi Ha Than Phan [Source:  USA Gymnastics.com] 
I have to point out that the Vaulting silver medalist is married, has a child and is 36 years old!!  In a sport where those in their early 20's are ancient this is amazing and very cool.  Her name is Oksana Chusovitina and she started out competing for the Soviet Union, then Uzbekistan but has represented Germany for the last five years.  She was competing back in 1989 before most of her current competitors were even born.  She will be going for her 6th Olympics next year. 

Team USA Medals (Women's)
Team:  USA, Gold
All Around:  Jordan Wieber, Gold
Vault:  Mckayla Maroney, Gold
Beam:  Jordan Wieber, Bronze
Floor:  Aly Raisman, Bronze

Cookie Factory

Last week Mj tried out a new chocolate chip cookie recipe.  I crumbled like a cookie and ate 4 in one night!  I had one, then another.  Then, Mj gave me one, then another so technically, it was really all his fault.  He took the rest to work the next day and although I loved them dearly I was glad they were gone.  I came home from work and actually breathed a sigh of relief because I didn't see them.  Not that I looked or anything.  Turns out they were concealed in the microwave so of course I had to have a few that night.  Those ran out but now there are more! Mj volunteered to make cookies for a work event so on Sunday and Monday he turned our kitchen into a cookie factory.  He spent Sunday making the batter and about one batch out of each kind.  Then Monday he made the rest.  Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Chip and Chocolate Chip with nuts.  There were bowls of batter and trays of cookies every where.  Every time he took a new batch out of the oven I wanted another one.  They are even harder to resist when they are fresh out of the oven and melt in your mouth warm.  These cookies are delicious I tell you!  They stay soft and chewy.  Every day I come home from work it's hard to resist eating at least one or two.  Well, it's been almost 24 hours since my last cookie fix...so I guess it's about time for another.

Desert Getaway

I couldn't get Mj to get up here with me

Earlier this year I won a two night stay at the Riviera Hotel in Palm Springs.  The hotel was free so we were going even though we set off having no idea of what there even was to do there.   That was of little concern particularly considering that we really just wanted to do nothing.  We took the scenic route there.  Windy roads and no guard rails.  Scary!  So I was not behind the wheel.  We checked into our hotel room Friday around 4pm and immediately set about taking a nap.  Once we woke up we were starving so we went online and found a place for us to eat.  We ended up at this Mexican restaurant where the servings were gigantic and the food was delicious.  When we got back we changed and went out to the hot tub.  Can you see the giant Quesadilla and Miller Light still sitting in my tummy?  The weather was a perfect 80 degrees all weekend and even at night there was a perfect hint of warmth in the air.
Hot Tub time
Pool side fire pit
Check out this decor.  Source:  Billy Reed's in Palm Springs
 The next morning we slept in way later then either of us ever do at home.  I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud in that bed and the heavy black out drapes make the room as dark as night even in the day time.  We found a place nearby our hotel to go eat.  It was this random land that time forgot restaurant that looked like something out of the 1800's.  The seats were velvet and the decor was ornate but the food was really good.  Then we headed over to Bed Bath & Beyond to pick up some things for the house.  I bought some sunglasses at Marshall's next door.  When we got back to the hotel we went to the pool.  And what a party pool it is during the day.  The pool area has this sleek Hollywood type of vibe to it.  complete with Cabana's, lounging beds, and blasting music.   That night we saw lots of people all dressed up in their party clothes roaming through the hotel so I know there was someplace happening to go to even in this tiny desert town but we weren't interested.  All we wanted to do was relax.  After a couple hours lounging by the pool we took one last dip in the hot tub and headed back to the room to do just that.  We couldn't even be bothered with going out to get food.  It was time for room service.  How often do you get to sit in the middle of a King size bed and chow down on Pasta...with bright RED sauce? We split a delicious spaghetti dinner and watched Interview with a Vampire.  We both saw it long ago but it was the only thing we could find on TV to watch so we went with it.  We stayed up really late playing Scrabble online.
Room Service Please.  Yum!!
On the way home Sunday morning we stopped at Ruby's Diner for brunch.  It was my turn to drive so Mj could watch football on his phone which was fine with me as long as he can handle my singing.  When I'm behind the wheel Sirius radio is on the Love channel where I somehow know the words to just about every song that comes on.  Air Supply, Barry Manilow, The Bangles.  It's like a time machine and I love it.  

It was a pretty low key weekend.  If you think about it we ate more then we did anything else!  We didn't do too much that we couldn't do at home but there is something about staying in a hotel and doing it in a different town that makes it fun, exciting.  Different somehow.  We weren't that far from home and we didn't do much but we were together, we were relaxing and that's basically all we really wanted out of our mini weekend getaway.

Another Baby Shower

Red Carpet Area.  She is clearly preggo but still in fashion.
Over the weekend my mom and I attended my friend's shower.  I actually wore a dress which hardly every happens!  I've known Eb for about four years now and she was a bridesmaid in my wedding.  She is the last person any of us thought would get pregnant next.  She's not really mommy crazy and never has been but she is happy about her little girl that is on the way and her and her hubby are getting ready for the major life change that is to come.  This is seriously one of the nicest baby shower's I've ever been to.  It was at a nice restaurant with a buffet of some very good food.  A pack of diapers got you a VIP party pass and they had a photographer set up in front of the red carpet for pics.  There were a few games, some prizes and really cute party favors.  The cake was Zebra print with Pink trim.
Mommy of honor
She got about a million presents.  Including not one, not two but three car seats!!  Which means there is one for mommy's car, daddy's car and grandma's car.  Eb is such a wonderful genuine person and it's clear just how loved she is by everyone who pitched in to help with her shower and everyone who showed up.  The cup cake centerpieces were adorable.  I think someone at our table thought maybe they were going to take one home but we helped ourselves and they were gone by the end of the party.  I had three but that's OK because they were mini's.  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.  
Adorable centerpieces.  These are actually tiny frosted cupcakes.
My mom actually ended up staying the night and we had a nice time sitting outside in the backyard by the fire pit and chatting.  This is the year of babies among our circle of friends.  Of Mj's friends there have been three babies born this year already and there is one more due in November.  Everyone keeps asking if we are next and I'm sorry to disappoint but the answer on that one is no.  I won't be having my own baby shower any time soon if ever.  I have a one year old nephew and for us I'm thinking that's plenty.