Cyber Monday Shopping

Our new bedding Klein
Mj has been saying for a while that we need a duvet cover for our King down comforter we got as a wedding gift.  When he says we need a duvet cover or anything else housewares related that usually means that I need to find it.  Not in a huge rush to spend more money I kept forgetting to check it out but it has been getting colder so I finally remembered last night.  I browsed a few websites and then it dawned on me.  It's Cyber Monday!  Anyone who has ever bought bedding knows how ridiculously expensive it can be. King sized bed sets can cost $300 or more!  The way it usually works is, I scroll through the inventory and when I find something I like I ask Mj if he likes it.  If he says no then I keep looking until I find something he says yes to. 

I'm not really into the whole holiday shopping craze. I haven't seen anything I want or don't even know what I want.  I'm just not motivated to expend the energy it takes to get out there this time of year.  Sometimes it's even hard to know if you are really getting a special deal or not.  I  mean, it's probably going to be on sale for the same old price tomorrow and this whole Cyber Monday or Black Friday thing is just the store's way of increasing urgency to bring customers in.  Well, I guess this Cyber Monday thing is for real.  At least for what I got at Macy'  Mj finally said yes to this bedding set so I ran out to my car where I keep all my coupons and dug out a $50 off coupon on $200 + purchase. I resisted the urge to buy those cute little decorative pillows that match.  We only have two with our other bedroom set and they spend most of the time in the corner on the floor.  So this is what I got. 
  • Calvin Klein Cut Flowers Duvet set (Duvet + 2 shams) $99.99
  • Calvin Klein Cut Flowers King Sheet Set ( 1 flat/fitted, 2 cases) $59.99
  • Calvin Klein European Sham $24.99 ea X 2 $49.98 
Total: $209.96.  I paid $182.53 total with tax including $17.95 for shipping.

I log onto Macy' today to check out prices and these are the post Cyber Monday prices I found:
  • Cut Flowers Duvet $162.99
  • King Sheet Set $89.99
  • European Sham $32.99 X 2 $65.98
Total:  $318.96

It was the real deal!  I saved a whopping $109 with Cyber Monday prices and another $50 on top of that with the coupon I had.  Not bad for someone who wasn't even planning on buying anything.  So I'm loving that I got such an awesome deal on an amazing 300 thread count complete bedding set but a little bit disgruntled over the fact that I just spent almost two hundred bucks on our second set of bedding when there are still so many other things we need for the house.  We STILL have mostly blank walls and have hardly any decorating done.  I still need to get that darn patio furniture set I want from Walmart!  Jeez....maybe I should have checked out the Cyber Monday prices on that.

It's so strange how I was totally shopped out feeling broke and didn't really have any desire or sense of urgency to do any more shopping (even though the house still needs work) but with this one purchase my shopping juices got flowing a little bit and now I want to stop at Pier 1 TODAY to get something I saw online.  Le sigh.


aapuzzanchera said...

it's a very pretty set! good for you!!!

Natalie said...

Great deal, love the new bedding!

Steph said...

What a deal! I love it!

Dancy said...

I love when that happens - when you buy something then see it for WAY more than you bought it - it's the best feeling. LOL

Our "wedding" bedding is from PB but I buy a lot of our regular sheets from The Company Store. I think it's owned by Lands End or LLBean or something like that - but they have really good prices and the sheets last forever. The only reason I had to buy new ones is because we got a new size mattress. :)

ruthy ann said...

nice job!! i'm the same...not really a fan of fighting crowds or spending money...although i did buy something for my hubby yesterday online!

Faith said...

what a deal! i am so upset i didn't even go online to check to see if there were any good deals yesterday. i have NO idea what i was thinking!

glad you were able to save that much money yesterday! i think it is the best feeling to realize when you buy something so much less than what the price is right now...hope that makes sense, heheh.

chelsea said...

wow, that's crazy! And I have been OBSESSED with finding a new reasonable yet cozy duvet for our bed, we registered for one at Macy's but all that sure does add up and we've already spent our wedding gift cards ;)

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Love what you chose! I'm SO with you on holiday shopping...I hate fighting the crowds and dealing with all the craziness, so if any shopping can be done online, that's how I do it!

Ameena said...

I love the new bedding...I suggest you dry clean the duvet only. I had a Calvin Klein bedspread when I first got married and even though it said machine washable it really wasn't. It frayed and faded and I was really upset!!

Adorably Distracted... said...

I am SO proud of you!! I pride myself on finding the absolute best deal for what I'm getting! Love the bedding you choose! (if you get this twice, sorry!)lol

Frugalista said...

Dancy-thanks for the tip on reasonably price bedding. ideally i won't be buing again for a while.

Ameena-thanks for the tip on CK bedding. I ALWAYS look for machine washable just 'cause I don't want the hassle. I'll have to think about it as I do want it to last.

Kristin - Mrs. Glasses said...

Your new bedding is so stylish! And what a great price! I'm really bad at finding deals, especially online :(

Random Musings Of My Life said...

i LOVE bedding.. Like love... Like for our King size bed we have over 5 sets of 600+ thread count (yes I am a sheet snob) and at last count about 8 duvet covers.. I love changing it up!