Thursday Thoughts

Just some random and mostly unrelated thoughts for the day.

  • Is anyone else having a hard time with the time change?  I know it has to be mental because there is no way that an hour lost on Sunday is still actually affecting me on Thursday.  If it ever did that is.  It's just so dark.  I can barely drag myself out of bed and barely give myself 20 minutes to get out of the house.  I couldn't even be bothered to wear green today.
  • There is a huge proliferation of shows focusing on the drama that is weight loss and eating disorders lately. In addition to the shows on Discovery Health and TLC about the struggles of the morbidly obese other recent shows are I Used to be Fat, One Big Happy Family, Freaky Eaters, What's Eating You?, Dance Your Ass Off, Heavy, Too Fat for 15, Ruby, Shedding for the Wedding, The Biggest Loser, Thintervention, and Heavily Ever After just to name a few.  There is a new one coming up later this month called Addicted to Food.  I watch most of them.
  • I love Teen Mom 2.  I really love it that I turned Mj into a fan and it's become one of our shows that we watch together.  I'm not sure what it is about that show but I am totally engrossed and look forward to the drama of each episode every week.  Jenelle's mom is so harsh and annoying but Jenelle does makes the worst decisions so she brings a lot of that wrath upon herself.  Everyone should have yelled "I told you so" and rubbed it in hard after Chelsea took her jerk of a boyfriend back and the relationship went down in flames again.  Duh.  What the hell was she expecting?  I love Leah and I hope she realizes what a great guy she has.  Chelsea would do anything to have her baby's father actually get a job to support the family AND want to marry her.  I'm glad Kailin got out of Joe's house.  What a totally awkward and uncomfortable living situation that was.  With the exception of Jenelle, they all wear way too much eye make up.
  • Yesterday I dropped $680 bucks to replace the carpet in my condo/rental property.  Yikes!  It's a really good thing I'm a natural born saver or else this could have been devastating.  Well, it's still devastating but at least I have the money.  I put it on my Capital 1 card for the points and I'll pay the sucker off when the bills comes.
  • I have always been somewhat obsessed but being able to track calories on my phone so easily has taken it up a notch.  It sure beats writing it all down and trying to add everything up.   I love picking out a cute little food symbol for my custom foods and watching my net calories rise and fall with the addition of new foods and exercise.  I like seeing how much over or under my calorie budget I am at the end of the day and planning out what I want to eat.   I have not missed a single day since I started in December.  It's like a game and needless to say, I am having way too much fun with it.
  • I am hanging onto my motivation to keep going to the gym.  Just barely!  But I'm hanging in there and have continued to go at least twice a week.  I so badly wanted to drive right on by today and head for home instead but I'm afraid if I miss even one week it will send me back to the couch every day after work for good.
  • I drive down the street that has all the frat and sorority houses on it.  I can't help but notice how young and carefree they look as they walk energetically and laughingly down the street in groups wearing their party frocks on their way to some Greek event.  Meanwhile, I'm driving home from a long day at work and can't wait to get into my jammies so I can get some rest and then do it all over again the next day.  Oh to be young.  I have a much better sense of myself now then I did at that age so I don't know that I'd necessarily want to go back but I certainly miss the ease and bliss of youth and all of the possibilities that it brings.


Natalie said...

My husband and I were discussing how St. Patty's day to us 10 years ago meant a night of drinking cheap green beer and making fools of ourselves. Now we are in bed by nine most nights and would cringe at the the thought of crazy partying. I miss those days every now and then but I am such a different person now and I much prefer this version of myself!

Abbie said...

Oh girl...the closer I get to thirty the more I seem to think about those carefree college days. It's funny though, because back then I used to look at people like us and think, "I can't wait to have a career, a home, etc..." Haha! What suckers we were!!!

Lil' Woman said...

I wish I could get Big Man to sit down and watch Teen Mom with me....he hates, he says their voices go thru I have to DVR it and watch it while he's at work.

I agree with you on all the girls

Anonymous said...

I don't know how people travel and switch time zones all the time! I'm still off with my schedule! ...I'm a teen mom 2 lover too. sameless

Dancy said...

I can't watch those weight related shows. I realized that watching Biggest Loser makes me want to eat ice cream. Bad.

I love Teen Mom! Janelle does make incredibly bad decisions but I want to crack her mom across the mouth 99% of the time.