Time Flies

My goodness.  The last two weeks have literally flown by.  Work has been very busy so my days there fly by and then fitting in schoolwork, the gym and house work outside of working hours has left me utterly exhausted and wondering where my time has disappeared to.  There simply isn't enough of it.  Then, the long awaited weekend comes and I still feel like I didn't have too much time for relaxing.  Two weekends ago was packed with activity.  It was a fun weekend but busy.  Saturday was spent shopping and running errands.  On Saturday night we met up with friends of mine I haven't seen since my wedding for a nice dinner out downtown.  How does that happen?  How do you go over a year without seeing people that live 30 minutes away?  They have two children and one of them is pursuing a Master's degree full time.  Life is just busy.  Then Sunday I spent the day at my mom's to spend some time with my older sister and my nephew, while Mj went over to his friend's house to finally see their new baby.  That was that.

Monday my dad finally got his kidney transplant.  My mom called me while I was at work and I went and spent most of the night waiting in the hospital with her.  I was almost falling asleep in my chair.  Then Tuesday I was back to the hospital to see my dad as part of an extended lunch break then straight to class after work.  We didn't get out until 10:00pm.  I squeezed in a gym work out on Thursday at 5:30am before work and I was tired all day long.  I know I'm busy when it takes me almost a whole week to watch America's Next top Model.  When do I get a chance to just sit on my butt for hours and clear out my DVR?   Friday night we watched a movie.  Saturday morning I woke up and cleaned house and then we did a bunch of errands all day long then visited my dad in the hospital.  He's doing well.  He should be out of the hospital by tomorrow or Tuesday.  We picked up dinner on the way home and watched another movie.  We do love our movie nights.

Today I woke up and had to do homework.  Ugggg!!  I actually got really tired and had to take a nap.  Once I woke up it seemed that half the day was gone.  I did more homework and then I FINALLY got a chance to sit on my butt and chill.  Sad as that may sound, I live for that when I haven't had a chance to do it in a while.  I'm clearing some shows out of my DVR and getting my House Hunters fix.  This is the first day that I've felt like I could actually put together a coherent blog post.  If I didn't have to spend 40 hours a week at work I'd have plenty of time, but I wouldn't have much of anything else! So I guess that means I better brace myself for another busy week ahead.


Mrs. Pancakes said...

Life can get busy sometimes doesn't it?! At least you are busy doing productive things...sometimes time flies and I have no idea what I have done! Glad your dad's surgery went well!! I love house hunters too! Hope your week is not as crazy!

Ameena said...

I had no idea your dad is unwell...I'm glad his transplant went well. And you are a trooper for hanging in there with everything that's going on! I hope that this week isn't crazy for you.

jacin {lovely little details} said...

thank goodness your dad's transplant went well. i'll send him some prayers!!

as for time, it sure does fly, but that's why we need to enjoy every second we get!

Faith said...

glad to hear that your dad is doing well.

and seriously, when you are busy time flies! off topic but sometimes i can't believe that we are already in November ... i feel like it just turned 2011.

Amy said...

Yay for the transplant! What a blessing :-)