Thursday Thoughts

It's funny how you could have never heard of something your entire life and then once you do you keep hearing about it.  I'd never heard of punkin chunkin before in my life until I watched a Modern Family episode where Cam had this far fetched story about chunkin a punkin in a sling across an entire football field and they chunked a punkin at the end in an attempt to see if he was fibbing or actually telling the truth.  Then over Thanksgiving break I happened to see the Punkin Chunkin World Championships competition on TV.  Ironically enough, this occurs in Mj's home state of Delaware and is a big thing there.  Then, I discover a new blogger and she lives guess where?  Delaware.  And she actually went to guess what?  The Punkin Chunkin' World Championships to watch.  It seems that you don't know of something until the universe decides you are supposed to and then once you do it sort of pops up all over the place.  Never heard of it either?  Well, they have a website of course;

As if Basketball Wives weren't enough we now have the pleasure of Baseball Wives in Arizona.  This show is really reaching here.  Most of them aren't even actually wives and most of the who are actually wives are married to retired players.  They'll show a "wife" and the illustrious caption of Married to So and So Retired flashes across the screen.  Or even worse,  Ex Wife of So and So (Tampa Bay).  If you are really at the bottom of the barrel it says Dated so and so (Denver).  Okay.  I better shut up though; because at least it gets me through my Elliptical work outs.

Is anyone else a regular unwitting participant in class action lawsuits?  I had a string of class action settlement pay days last year and a few this year too. I can't even count how many class action e mails and letters I've received advising me of my rights to opt out or in or whatever else.  Most of the time the lawsuits are against companies I've actually heard of but a couple weeks ago I got an $18.00 check out of the blue for a lawsuit about something I've never even heard of.  It's funny how they find me too.  They had my new address but not not my new last name.  It's kinda nice to receive a $20 check here or a $30 check there every now and then out of the blue.  It's just odd.
Decorate Me we got the tree last Saturday.  It smells like Christmas but it doesn't look like it quite yet.  We have TWO neighbors with lit up Christmas carousels in their front yards (I know....random).  We also have a blow up Santa and Reindeer across the street and we have yet to decorate our tree.  This is a going to be a jam packed weekend but mark my words it will be decorated  by the time the weekend is out.


Faith said...

HAHAHA, i know exactly what you mean about that show! goodness, but man i enjoy the drama, haha.

and your tree is beautiful! can't wait to see it all decorated. when we turn into our neighborhood everyone has their lights out and shining and our house is dark as can be ... i hope to get that changed this weekend!

Dancy said...

Wow what a full tree!! We debated getting a real one since we have a fake one - with the move, etc. I think we're just going to set up the old fake tree this year. I did buy 25ft of roping though & I wrapped our staircase in it, so at least it'll smell like a real tree - Hah! Can't wait to see yours all done. Do you guys put anything outside?

Lil' Woman said...

It's always exes or jumpoffs of these basketball players or former basketball players. Those girls are ridiculous but I get sucked in too. : )

Nice tree, it looks big and full :)

Ameena said...

Such a pretty tree! I wish that we could have a real one but after years of having difficulty disposing of it in our high-rise condo I finally threw in the towel. Our fake one is pretty...if you don't get too close. :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I saw the commercial for the show punkin chuckin and sometimes I find myself singing along..Lolz! Ok I would love to receive free
Money too...that's awesome...keep the checks coming I say! Cant wait to see the tree all decked out! Hope it was an awesome weekend!

Mari said...

new reader here, loving your blog!