Friday Confessional

I confess that after Direct TV dropped MTV then added it back we DVR'd all the Teen Mom episodes we'd missed and had a Teen Mom marathon extravaganza over the weekend.  The show is as terribly addicting as it is terrible and I'm not naming names but some of them; Amber, are complete train wrecks.  Sadly, I can't stop watching.

I confess that when I turned on my radio in the morning on the way to work last week I was crushed to find that AJ and AJ in the Morning was no longer.  He's gone with no explanation.  They've replaced him with someone else and it's just not the same anymore.  I may even stop listening.  AJ MADE that radio show.  He was so funny and what will happen with AJ's Annual Kids Crane Toy Drive?  So sad.

I confess that I think my 10% off Proctor & Gamble E store link is a total bust.  It's no surprise.  I've never been a good salesman.

I confess that sometimes I strip down naked in the laundry room so I can wash EVERYTHING including what I'm wearing.

I confess that I sit at work with a space heater on all day even when it's 80 degrees outside.  Did I mention that space heaters are banned?  Shhhh...don't tell anyone.

I confess that I'm still a little bitter that Mary blew up the toaster at work four months ago.  I love Mary but I also loved eating Fiber 1 toast with reduced sugar jelly on top every morning.  In her defense the toaster was like 20 years old so it wasn't really her fault.  Toasters got banned so I had to find a new breakfast.  Boo.

I confess that I have a pretzel addiction.  They give me my "chip fix" because they are munchy and salty yet don't have all the fat and calories of actual chips but what they do have is tons of sodium.  It's been about two weeks since we ran out and I haven't bought any since.  Let's see how long I can last! 
Cinnaminy Goodness
I confess that I ate five cinnamon rolls this week including the one I'm going to eat tonight.  The husband baked AGAIN!  He made brownies last week and this is his 3rd time making cinnamon rolls this year.  I'll be lucky if I still fit into my skinny jeans by Fall.

Have a great weekend!!
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Nicole G said...

A man that bakes?! No wonder you married him! ;)

Have a good weekend!

Carla said...

Space heaters are banned here at work as well, but that hasn't stopped me. As long as you keep my secret, I'll keep yours. LOL!

I have never been able to fully get into Teen Mom/16 and Pregnant or any shows like that. From the one show I saw, I was just amazed that this girl treated her mom like that and couldn't watch it after that.

Sunny said...

Homemade cinnamon rolls? Wow, I think I would have eaten 4 of those cinnamon rolls too, they look really good!

CeCe said...

And thank goodness we have those heaters or we'd freeze to death all day long!!

You are probably talking about either Farrah or Amber based on that comment. I know it's terrible. Sometimes I can hardly stand to watch but I started watching it from the start so I'm hooked.

CeCe said...

Oh my goodness; they are delicious especially heated up...and with a dab of ice cream on the side. Yum!

Janna Renee said...

I.can' YUM. Oh, and I totally do the strip down thing. When I do laundry, I want EVERYTHING washed.

LWLH said...

What's happening with DirectTV dropping channels, I'm hearing about that alot lately.

Ameena said...

I too sit in my office all day, huddled with my space heater. Feeling bad that I'm wasting electricity but too cold to really do anything about it...

CeCe said...

Yeah, it was pretty ridiculous. Direct TV said they didn't want to raise rates so they dropped the channels. I guess they were trying to charge too much money but then they came to some kind of agreement because a couple weeks later we got the channels back. Thank goodness!!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I sometimes do the same thing with laundry. Especially if it's an outfit I wear often, so I don't have to wait for it till next time.

That sucks about your TV, but at least they put it back. Xfinity sucks too. I swear the internet goes out at least once a day for no reason. It just won't connect. And this morning I woke up kinda early, and the TV wouldn't work for an hour! It is so annoying!

And those cinnamon rolls look so good!