Blogging is Bad for Your Budget

Being part of the blogging world is so informative.   You get to see all kinds of things that people are wearing and buying and doing.  We post Christmas wish lists that makes others wish for it too and exchange ideas on home decor, beauty products and fashion just to name a few.  Blogging is great and all but it can be bad for your budget and I have a hard trail of evidence to prove it starting with what happened in December. 

Exhibit A:
Back in December I saw this Holiday wish list posted on Brown Girl blogs that included Tom's Wedge Booties.  So what did I do?  Within hours I ran to my computer and ordered them from Nordstrom's.  I also saw blue chambray shirts on lots of wish lists so I wanted that too but luckily I got that from Mj for Christmas.  Or you can bet I probably would have been out buying that too!

Well, once I had a cute pair of wedge booties in beige of course I had to have a pair in black.  So what did I do?  Within days I'd done my research and and ordered these Etienne Aigner black suede wedge booties on Amazon.

Exhibit B:
And sadly, it doesn't end there for me.  Not only that, but I dragged my fellow bloggers along with me for the ride.  I'd been wanting a striped cotton blazer for a while.  They were wearing them all over Europe when we were there and I was silly enough not to buy one.  After I got home I searched and searched but couldn't find one in any stores.  I gave up, but seeing Brittany's over at Fun With the Fullwoods looking so good in hers refueled the fire.  Isn't she pretty?  By the way this woman had a baby not too long ago.  Anyways, thanks to Brittany I had to continue my search.

So what did I do next?  In January I googled it and found them at Old Navy for a great price.  I thought about it for exactly one day then went there and snatched up the last size small.  Faith at Life, Love & Marriage posted this cute outfit with a striped blazer she saw on another blog so I knew she wanted one too.  It was my blogger duty to tell her  about it so I e mailed her and what did she do?  Within days she ordered it online.  Here we are in our must have striped cotton blazers styled in two totally different ways.

Top: Express // Blazer:  Old Navy 
Jeans:  Joe's Jeans // Boots:  Aldo

Too bad Mj noticed that the sensor tag was still on it when he took these pics.  Thank goodness I'd stuffed the receipt in the pocket so when I finally went back they knew I hadn't stolen it.  I also noticed that I forgot to put on a belt and that these other ladies are miles ahead of me as fashion bloggers.  Good thing I'm not a fashion blogger, but still; I need to work on my skills.

Faith- Top: Alloy// blazer: Old Navy  // Necklace & Earrings: F21 //
Jeans: Old Navy // Shoes: Zara's

How cute does she look? I love the way she styled it with pink shoes and rolled up the sleeves. A big thanks to her and her photographer husband for braving the snow for these shots. It just dawned on me that she came down with pneumonia not too long after these shots were taken. She's all better now thank goodness.  I hope this photo shoot didn't bring it on.  Oh the sacrifices we make for blogging.

 Exhibit C:
 The story of woe continues.  While I was in Old Navy getting that striped cotton blazer I saw the gingham shirts that everyone in blog land has been rocking lately.  I told myself I wasn't shopping anymore, well except for that cotton blazer that got me there in the first place, so I didn't get it.  Then, I saw this post over at Because Shanna Said So about buying the black and white gingham she finally found at Old Navy after an exhaustive search.

I stayed strong and told myself I didn't need it but it was Emily's post at The Sweetest Thing that pushed me over the edge; and I quote. I own gingham button-downs in several colors because of the versatility. They are layering essentials, they look great alone, and they are multi-seasonal.  Well clearly Emily was telling me that I should go back for the black gingham.  I commented on her post that I'd probably be going back to Old Navy to get one in black and white.  She emailed me back that she didn't know they had them there.  I think that might be the one color she didn't have!  Well, it's a good thing I told her because within days she posted this pic.  And she's posted this shirt styled in two other amazing ways since this post.  Can you believe that I haven't even worn mine yet? But I will.

And here is Shanna rocking her black and white Gingham.  I'm learning from the best apparently.  This girl is so fashionable that she's in the running to be the first official US Wallis Blogger Ambassador.  She's in 1st place!  You can vote for her here

And that my friends is how blogging is bad for your budget.  I do believe the evidence that I have presented speaks for itself and proves that this kind of domino shopping effect is absolutely sweeping the blog world.  You better watch out.  Those fashion bloggers are dangerous!

Exhibit D:

See anything you like here?  Who knows who's posting what tomorrow.  I hate to say it but there is an excellent chance that you have already fallen victim to blogging budget busting or that you will be next.  In fact, I've been struck again.  I bought some red skinny jeans two weeks ago...something I would have never considered even buying before!  Thanks again Shanna!  All I can say is DON'T break the bank and DO exercise some measure of self control. As much as we'd like to we can't buy everything! I love checking out blogger fashions as opposed to fashion magazines or runways because it's much more accessible and realistically presented to me.  Their influence has inspired quite a few shopping episodes but as long as I'm only spending what I can afford that's okay.  It's fun to like what I see in my closet and get excited about getting dressed.  I will never be a fashionista like some of these ladies but I think my wardrobe choices have definitely improved since I've started blogging and I like that...even if my bank account doesn't!

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Kathy C. said...

This is why I tentatively follow fashion blogs. I would be BROKE if I decided to step foot into the genre of blogging! It's fun to get inspired though!!

Erin said...

This is so god damn true and I wish it wasn't. Blogging also lures you into trends you would normally never try.
Exhibit A: Bubble necklaces.

ruthy ann said...

this is exactly why i don't really follow fashion blogs!! haha

Faith said...

Seriously this post is freaking genius and soooo true! I will have to edit my post today to add this post that way others can read it. It's good!

Thanks for letting me a part of this. It was fun. and haha, i completely got pneumonia the very next day, lol.

Ashley R said...

Haha, I laughed out loud at this post. I totally agree. That striped blazer is amazing on you- by the way!

p.s. (no pressure), but I nominate you for a Liebster Award on my blog. :)

M. at Making Sense of Cents said...

Haha I agree! And this is why Pinterest is bad for my budget also!

Christine said...

hahahaha SO true!! Seriously, ridiculously right on. Ever since I started reading blogs, I think my clothes budget doubled. :)

The Sweetest Thing said...

Oh my gosh. I know! Blogging is so bad... and good, too. Those gingham shirts are $35 a pop at J.crew and mom and I got the ones you told me about from Old Navy for FIFTEEN DOLLARs! Thanks!

Nylse said...

i love style bloggers; i live vicariously through them.

Law_Fal said...

and now i want red jeans....................

Brittany said...

I totally agree with you, Cece! Funny how blogging can make a damper on your bank account...but I'm not complaining too much, I kind of love it :). I'm so honored at your shout out- thank you!!!! I LOVE Faith's outfit...that girl has serious style. Her pink shoes are fabulous! I'm obsessed with the blazer you got....with the white skinnies and boots, it's perfection! You are SO tiny! Share your secret, lady :)

Pegster said...

This is so true. I do love the inspiration that I get though, I was such a bad dresser before blogging I tell you.

Ameena said...

I love style bloggers...I get lots of good ideas from them. But I also realized that they spend a lot of time on their hair and makeup, which means that they'll look fabulous in just about anything.

That realization inspired me to pick up the blow dryer. LOL

smk053078 said...

Ahhhhh, girl you know I am with ya on this one!! But it's be inspired and to shop! :) Thanks for the love and shout out!! This was a GENIUS post! So thankful to have been part of it!! xoxo

Mrs JK said...

You speak the truth. Breaking the bank I tell you! But I love all fashion bloggers and will continue to torture my fine. Lol.

Jacqueline Hough said...

Love the post. It has inspired me to step up my fashion. Definitely will be on the lookout for gingham.

Anonymous said...

Haha. I know exactly what you mean. I've bought a lot of things because I've been introduced to it through another blog (I say a lot, but it's probably just a lot to me, not a normal person lol). While I'll never be a fashion blogger, I've definitely learned how to style my clothes better (at least, in my opinion) which is a good thing. It's definitely bad for your budget, though. You're absolutely right.


toi said...

Faith is too cute, i love her colour combination