Boys and Their Toys

I'm not sure what's so fun about this little toy remote control helicopter. A friend of Mj's had this and when Mj saw a Groupon deal for it he bought one too. I shook my head a little and wondered why he wanted such a thing. Boys and their toys. But when he started the little thing up and sent it flying about the room I found myself fascinated. It's so cute and it's just fun to watch for some reason.  On his first try he  crashed it into walls and even me! Now he's so good he can land it in the palms of my hands.  This little helicopter is indestructible.  It doesn't break upon impact and it also doesn't destroy things that it crashes into because it's made of a really lightweight plastic material.  It's fine to fly it in the house as long as you don't run it into fragile objects.

This is an Estes Remote Control Helicopter. It takes 6 AA batteries and I recommend rechargeables because it kills batteries pretty quick.  If you are looking for a fun and different gift for your guy this is perfect. Father's Day maybe?  It's not just for kids. And chances are you'll get a kick out of it too.

30 second video of the helo in action

So, it's time for me to be off on trip #3 for the year.  I have not organized any guest bloggers so it's going to be pretty quiet around these parts.  Which is fine.  The old blog will be here when I get back.  Hopefully.  I've heard of two bloggers that had their blogs randomly deleted by blogger but it won't happen to me.  Right?  I'm off to my 2nd trip in as many weeks and I haven't felt a single ounce of anxiety.  Which is completely unusual for me.  Maybe I'm finally getting a hang of this whole not freaking out before a trip thing.  The packing was done in advance and I'm only going to Washington DC not Timbuktu so aside from my glasses and my Rx I can buy anything I forget when I get there.  Our flight leaves obscenely early.  6:30 am!  Which is probably why we got such a great deal on our airfare so it's worth it.  I packed way too many clothes and I'm really wishing I didn't see thunderstorms in the forecast but I'm ready.

When I get back I'll be trying aout the Advocare Herbal Cleanse.  I'm sure my body will be screaming for a good detox when I get back because I plan on hitting up Cracker Barrel at least 4 times while we're there.  Kidding.  One time will do.  I've also got a great giveaway planned.  See you then!!


Susannah said...

That toy is awesome. I kind of want one now. ;-) Have a wonderful trip! :-)

Faith said...

I'll never understand boys and their toys but that one looks fun!

Have the best time on your trip! Glad that you aren't stressed!! :)

Law_Fal said...

have a fun trip!

Whitney Cypert said...

I'm going to miss you around here but I hope you have so much fun and I can't wait to read about your trip. I have seen those little helicopter things and there is even one you can operate with your iPhone!

Brittany said...

That looks so neat! Boys and their toys....just gimme clothes!!!

Have a great trip pretty lady :). I've been reading all your posts on my ipad but hate commenting on there (I need actual keys to type...weird like that). So jealous of all your travels and teeny tiny bod! You need to do some more recipe/fitness posts and share your secrets!

Carla said...

I LOVE those. My friend's boyfriend has a collection of these and I think they're so neat to play with. I've considered getting myself one on several occasions. I'm sure my children will love one as well.

Safe travels on your trip!

Ashley R said...

Haha lovvve it! Have a great trip!