I Will Not Shop...I Shopped

I've been on a no shopping kick starting in September and it's been good because I know I don't really need anything.  Only 1 1/2 months and I already broke my little streak.  I knew I was going to make one purchase at DSW.  That was a given; because I had a rewards certificate for $10.00 that I earned and it would be just wrong to let it expire.  Then, this Old Navy deal popped up that I couldn't refuse.

I may be terrible at using Grocery Store coupons but I am very strategic about using coupons and taking advantage of deals for everything else.  Getting an amazing deal and saving money is such a rush.  Not only do you get to buy something new which is a rush in itself but then you have the extra high of saving money on top of it.
Source:  Old Navy.com
Anyone ever heard of Restaurant.com?  Well, a really long time ago I had some airline mileage that was set to expire.  I didn't have near enough points for an airline ticket but they offered restaurant.com credit and magazine subscriptions.  I took advantage of both.  A few weeks ago my mom and I were planning to meet up for lunch so I logged on to restaurant.com to see what restaurants were available and found one near us.  It's really easy.  I hit redeem for the restaurant of my choice and printed out my $25.00 off coupon.  It never expires and you can even exchange it if you change your mind.  We didn't end up meeting for lunch that time but I used it last weekend for dinner at Cicotti Trattoria on a double date with my parents.

Anyways.  When I redeemed the restaurant.com gift a bunch of offers popped up that I could choose from.  One of them was a deal from Yub.com to spend $39.99 at Old Navy by a certain date and get a $50 Restaurant.com gift card.  I love eating for free and I love Old Navy so even though I've been on a no shopping thing I went for it.  Just an itty bitty extra shopping trip can't hurt- I mean, what's $40 at Old Navy?  I'm happy to do it.  I signed up the credit card I planned to use for the Old Navy purchase and then got a tip from The Tiny Heart that Old Navy has some girly and not at all ugly sweatshirts that I've been dying to get my hands on.  I went immediately to get my shop on.  So here is the deal.  I got this adorable blingy sweatshirt and this beautiful soft heather grey boyfriend cardigan with sequins elbow patches for $20.00 and $25.00 each when they were $29.94 and $34.94 regular price.  On top of that I got my 10% military discount.  Thank goodness I remembered to ask for it.  I barely squeaked in at my minimum which is exactly the way to maximize deals spending $40.50 + tax.  On top of that it was the LAST DAY to earn Super Cash so I got a $10.00 off on a minimum $25.00 purchase coupon.  They sure know how to get you.  And yes.  I'm going back.  How can I not? I will be there with bells on.

After that I went right next door to DSW to redeem my $10.00 reward.  I found a pair of cute grey wedge booties.  They are synthetic and I usually go with leather but grey is really hard to find, it's the only color I don't already have and they were too cute and too comfortable to pass up.  I did all of this on a one hour lunch break.  Power shopping at it's finest.

It was like magic.  An hour after my purchase I got an e mail acknowledging that I had completed my Old Navy purchase and then a 2nd e mail with my restaurant.com $50.00 gift card.  I was also given the chance to re activate the offer and do it all over again.  It totally makes sense to do that because I have to spend $25.00 to redeem my $10.00 super cash anyways.  Can you just see how the shopping gods and the stars have aligned in my favor?  This was totally meant to be so I don't feel guilty about any of it.  A slamming good deal is always my best shopping justification.  Plus, although my preference was to divert more to savings I know that my budget can handle this minor relapse.

If you want a $50.00 restaurant.com gift card for spending $39.00 at Old Navy this is the link.  And no this is not a sponsored post.  Unfortunately, I haven't exactly figured out how to get someone to pay me to write a post yet.  And yes, I'll get $1.00 if you follow through on the deal but then you can turn around and do the same thing later.  And you get to shop.  And eat for free.  You can shop and your husband will love you for financing date night.  Win Win Win.    

Wouldn't it be cool if I actually modeled these clothes that I'm so excited about on my blog instead of resorting to pins?  I really, really want to but it just feels like so much work with the camera and the make up and the whole not wanting to look like an awkward fool thing.  It's only been 7 months since my one and only official outfit post and I honestly don't know if or when there will be another.

After this there is no more shopping.  Ideally, for the rest of the year.  Unless I'm on vacation.  There is always a BUT.  I have The Limited, Express and Macy's coupons burning a hole in my purse.  I don't even know why I torture myself by hanging onto them.

I will not shop.  I will not shop. 


Whitney Cypert said...

I have been shopping alot lately and I need to slow it down! I almost got this same sweater at Old Navy last weekend! I decided on another one but now, looking at this, I want it too. Of course. Why does shopping have to be so much fun?? And that is a good deal, I can always find something to spend money on at Old Navy!

Faith said...

I've been on a break from shopping since I moved. I thought it would suck a lot more than it actually does. Maybe because truthfully I have a lot of clothes already. But I still get that itch. I was too excited when Sean took me to Express to pick up a few things for Vegas though. I just actually haven't gone online and looked for clothes like I would normally do.

When I get a job my entire paycheck would probably be used on clothes to make up for the break ;)

And I vote for you to model these clothes! Do it, do it, do it! :)

Mrs JK said...

Awww, but you don't look silly modelling the outfits! But you're right in that its just time consuming. Love all you new buys :). I'd say you had pretty good reasons to break the no-shopping streak. Defo worth it!

Paige (The Last Doughnut) said...

Eeek! Why is shopping so fun??? We got a small bonus this week, and we're going shopping this weekend. Can. Not . Wait. :) Happy Friday!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's a really amazing deal! Who knew that restaurant.com and OldNavy had any connection?

I actually saw a nice pair of booties in DSW...I'm on the fence because they are a bit high for me (I'm 5'8"). Not sure I want to be tottering about on the NYC streets in the winter? But the price is pretty good! So let's see what happens. :)

Have a great weekend!

GeminiPeach81 said...

I'm the same when it comes to shopping and eating out... I have loads of coupons that I strategically use, LOL! But, when it comes to coupons for groceries, I will forget to use them everytime. I do, however, love to track down BOGO deals at the grocery stores!

Jennie Grange said...

that sweater is perfect.

Miss.AishaLC said...

LOVE the sweater :)

Pegster said...

This was too good of a deal to pass up. It's technically not wasting money so that is the best way to shop.

Model model model, you look so good doing it. I am trying not to buy anything right now too because of the growing belly and who knows what my body will look like after this one. I might just spend that money at old navy to get the restaurant.com coupon :)

Lix Hewett said...

I so feel you on the outfit post thing. Oh, the laziness.

Janna Renee said...

Holy cow! This deal sounds awesome! Thank goodness I didn't shop at Old Navy the other day, so I haven't already outdone it, haha.

Cam said...

I used to have the shopping bug BAD!!! I had to calm down!

I have so many certificates from restaurant.com it's a good thing they don't expire. I don't know when I'll get around to using them all. I really like that sweatshirt. I have my eye on one from victoria's secret. I have a gift card from them burning a hole in my pocket! ;)

emi said...

for some reason i always want to shop in the fall..when fashion is cutest i guess! xo

the well-traveled wife

AiringMyDirtyLaundry said...

I have the same problem. I love shopping. Target is my weakness.

Ashley R said...

Shopping is so my weakness, but at least you got some GREAT deals!