Where I Write

Tell us about your writing space. Where do you write your blog posts? 

If I had to dream up the perfect writing space it would be a dedicated office at home.  It would be mostly white with a white desk and a vintage chair.  Wallpaper when done right can be really beautiful.  I'd have some kind of muted pastel wallpaper on one wall with an interesting pattern and a really pretty lamp on my desk.  There would be an inspiration board above my desk where I could tack up inspirational quotes, photos and ideas.  It would be the kind of room that immediately relaxes me when I walk in and inspires creativity everywhere I look.  There would be a bookshelf full of books.  All of my writing tools would be arranged in cute containers and my hot pink MacBook would look perfect sitting in the center of it all.  I'd also have a pink bean bag.  I have a thing for bean bag chairs.  They are comfy and I think it would cozy up the space.  I can imagine myself sitting in one brainstorming the next great idea for my novel.

It would look something like this.
Image Source:  Maegan via Flickr

The reality is that my writing space is pretty much wherever I end up opening my lap top.  Sometimes it's standing at the kitchen counter.  Sometimes it's on the couch upstairs or the couch downstairs.  Sometimes it's at the dining room table.  If I'm blogging often times I am multi tasking and the TV is on too.  If I'm working on my novel it's always at the dining room table, TV off and Pandora station for studying on.  Or else it's at a coffee shop.  When it comes to that, I can't focus otherwise.
NaBloPoMo November 2013

It's never actually occurred to me to have a home office.  There is an extra bedroom upstairs that I could presumably take over if I wanted to.  It even has a cute little white desk I got from Ikea.   As is, it's not very inspiring so I've never even thought about writing in it or even decorating.  It doubles as my husband's "junk" room so it's usually pretty messy and there isn't a lot of space left over with the fold out futon and TV.  I have totally lost my decorating mojo anyways.  When we first bought our house I went home decor crazy.  Once I got the main living spaces to where I wanted I stopped.  We have two guest bedrooms with absolutely zero decor and bathrooms still sporting white unpainted walls.   Then there is my husband claiming that it's not our forever home and that we'll be moving some day.

Maybe in our "mythical next house?" For now I'll stick to couches and coffee shops.  It may not be the most inspirational or ideal but it works.


Faith said...

In my house in Albany we had an office but I rarely used it. I always end up on the couch to blog. Right now we have a guest room/office that I actually am using to apply for jobs. But now I'm inspired to make it look good like the pictures above. I'll do it when we own our next home.

Anonymous said...

I love the office with the blue desk. It's so pretty and fresh :) That bookshelf wall in the first picture is pretty awesome, too!

Lix Hewett said...

Love those writing spaces. I'd love to have an office, too, or really a relatively spacious bedroom I can decorate and call my own.

Disa Chantel said...

I have a little nook carved out in the dining area of my apartment, complete with a desk, computer, pens, etc... but I always end up on the couch with my laptop, in front of the TV. Honestly, writing is best done wherever you're comfortable. That way those creative juices can flow more freely!

Anonymous said...

One day I'll have an office like that...when Maya moves out and frees up an extra room that is. I'm going to be waiting about 10 years I think but I'll refer back to this post for the gorgeous pics.

I write in the kitchen. Ridiculous.

Mrs. K said...

We have an office that we never use. It's pretty traditional with brown desk, book shelf, futon. There are orange and blue accents (because we are Florida Gators). Our degrees hang in it but as I said we almost never use it. We usually use our computer in the bonus room upstairs.

Jacqueline Hough said...

Love the ideas for a home office. I have an extra bedroom that is being used as storage. Maybe someday!

Catherine Gacad said...

yes it would be so nice to have my own home office or library!

TayKat said...

I wish I had my own office like in these pictures!!! Love how fresh and bright each one is! I write posts like you; on the couch, but mostly in my bed.

Love you blog!

Taylor @ www.trendycheapo.com

Kari P said...

I adore the office with the pink curtains! It's always been a dream of mine to have my own library/office in my apartment - no matter how small it is.
I'm glad to have found your blog! Love it :)

Kari @ Lipstick Stains & Coffee Cups

ffprncez said...

we have a lot of the same tastes. my ideal writing space would be an extra bedroom with a lot of natural light. there would be a white desk, i do have one in mind that is a Martha Stewart desk I believe, and it would be painted a lovely light shade of lavender or yellow. I would be surrounded by books and it would be carpeted. I would probably get a comfy padded chair. This office too exists in my mythical house.

Whit said...

Home offices are over rated. I always start out working at my desk and somehow end up on the floor, in our living room, straddling our ottoman without pants on to write.
My husband says that's where I get my funny from - the ottoman. I think it's the no pants thing. Either way I've found my flow :)
New follower: whit from Raspy Wit