Until Next Time

I understand that people have to grow up and sow their oats where ever that may take them but sometimes it really sucks that everybody has to grow up and move away.  I stayed put mostly, but little sis has moved way up north, big sis has moved down South and the rents are still deciding where they want to live out their golden years.  Why can't everyone just stay put so I can watch my nephew grow up and spend time with everyone without having to get on a plane?  I do realize that the world doesn't revolve around me but it sure would be nice if it did.

Not last weekend but the one before my whole family was in town and it was awesome.  I'm usually a homebody but it was go, go, go from Friday to Monday.  We really have to make the most of our time together so even this homebody wouldn't have had it any other way.  On Friday night I picked up little sis and her boyfriend from the airport and then we all went to dinner in Old Town.
On Saturday it was a day at the county fair.  To this day the fair has a special place in my heart because my parents started a tradition of taking us there every year when we were kids.   We took many 'put your photo on a button' family pictures over the years.  Nobody ever actually wore the button but my mom used to line them up on the fireplace so we could see how we changed from year to year.  I wonder if my mom still has them.  Something tells me she does because she still has my high school Varsity letterman jacket and fairy wings from my little sister's Halloween costume a million years ago.

DJ had a ton of fun getting on rides.  Last time they went he was scared but now he is ready and willing to go on by himself.  He's still a little guy so some of them required adult supervision.  There was a day when I went straight to the fun zone and hit the rides but my how times have changed.  I have absolutely no desire to get jerked around anymore.  Another telltale sign of getting old.

the giant slide was always one of my favorites
This is THE pizza that I HAVE to get every year.  There is deep fried everything at the fair now but I usually only have room for this pizza and then an ice cream cone later.  It's a french bread Pizza with a thick and totally delicious flaky crust.  I dream about it the night before and then savor every last bite until it's gone.

One of my favorite parts of going to the fair is hanging out in the beer garden.  We plop down in the grass and eat our food while we listen to whatever band is playing.   A lot of times it's not even music that I would normally listen to but sitting outside in the sun with a beer in my hand makes it enjoyable.  They had a beer tasting thing going on.  You get five 5 oz tastings for $17.00.  Sounds really expensive and it is but it's actually a good deal when it costs $10 just for one 12 oz beer.  The fair prices are not very fair at all.  My dad paid for it.  Just one of the perks of hanging out with the parents. 

Every year there is a free wine tasting event we always try to do so we went from beer tasting to wine tasting.  It's four pours and you have to get there like 30 minutes early to get a seat but we will do almost anything for free wine.  Now we have another set of authentic San Diego Fair wine glasses to add to our collection.
My mom is recovering really well from her foot surgery.  She just went back to the gym for the first time this week but for an all day outing she needed the wheelchair.  By the end of the day my feet were so tired I wanted to sit in her lap.  It was the coolest thing to be able to go to the fair together one last time.  We all had a blast. That night I was so exhausted that I fell into bed thinking it had to be at least 2 in the morning but it was only 11:15pm.

We went out to Breakfast for Father's Day Sunday morning.  We started out at one place but the wait was really long so we went somewhere else where we got seated right away.
Pre Breakfast.  Waiting for food.
The family
Dad and his three girls

We dropped of little sis's boyfriend at the airport and then had a girls night at my house.  We went for a drink and tried to stay up too late watching a movie but had to shut it off and go to bed.  It was a rare night away from DJ for my sister.  She needed it and my parents love having him to themselves so it was win win for everyone.

I took Monday off so I could get in one last day with my sisters and nephew before they head back home.  We spent most of the day hanging out in the back yard.  DJ always hears the ice cream truck and someone always takes him out to get something.

When it was time to leave my heart was so full and so sad.  Full because I enjoyed every single minute that we got to spend together but sad because it's the last time we will all be together again for a while and probably THE last time in my hometown where we all grew up.   I have no idea where or when we will meet up again so all we can do is make the most of the time we have.  

Until next time......


Whitney @ EHFAR said...

Omg... that pizza looks amazing. My mouth is watering.

Whitney Cypert said...

What a sweet, and gorgeous family! Family time really is the best and definitely leaves you with a full, and sad, heart when it is over. That pizza does look delicious, I would have to have it every year too!

A Life Less Traveled said...

I am going through the same thing with my family. I just left Florida living 20 minutes away from my parents and my sister and nephews live in NC. I haven't seen her and the boys since Christmas and they are going to Orlando in a few days and I won't be there.

Law_Fal said...

So glad you all got this time together. Cherish the memories! Looks like an amazing weekend! :)

After Eleven Blog said...

looks like a blast! and that PIZZA!! ahhh, now I'm hungry and it's only 8:30 in the morning. lol

Jacqueline Hough said...

So glad you had a great time with your family! Looks like y'all had a lot of fun and made some great memories!

Pegster said...

Such a fun post. Looks like you had an awesome time with your family in town. I know what you mean about everyone living all over the place, can't they just all stay in the same town for real. Your nephew is so adorable. Love all the pics by the way.