Movies and Gloom

It's been a gray May.  Rain off and on (not enough considering the drought), misty, and mostly in the 60's.  Very unusual for San Diego.  I feel like I know what it's like to live in the Pacific NW.  Well, probably not quite, because even though it feels like it's been forever we probably haven't even touched the gloom that goes on there.  Day after day of consecutive gray skies without any sign of the sun is just slightly unsettling to me.  And gloomy.  I feel really bad for all those vacationers who came here expecting blue skies and sun.  I promise it's usually perfect this time of year; we're not just making it up.
Nothing to do with movies but it's the only pic I took all weekend AND my favorite snack lately
I didn't even realize it was a long weekend until a few days before and I'm actually glad I didn't have plans for the long weekend because if I did I probably would have been bummed.  I'm already a homebody by nature, and when the weather is chilly and gray and MJ is out of town, I retreat even more.  The weather definitely affects my mood and I'm just not as excited about doing things when it's gloomy.  I only left the house all weekend to pick up food (twice) and exercise (once).  I didn't even have to go grocery shopping; which was really odd, but greatly appreciated.  Other than that my weekend consisted of cleaning house, a lot of movies and a lot of You Tube videos.  I'm going through this phase where I obsessively watch ballet videos and documentaries on You Tube.  I got hooked on this City Ballet Series and now I totally regret my decision not purse a career as a ballerina and audition for the School of American Ballet in New York City.  Twice in one week, I dreamed I was a dancer on on pointe wearing a black leotard and pink tights.  I was long, lean and oh so graceful. It felt amazing, and then I woke up.

So about those movies.  Netflix sent us four instead of three for reason unknown (love it when they do that) so I had plenty to choose from.

I'm not usually the biggest fan of musicals but the second I saw the trailer for this I couldn't wait to see it.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those classic Annie songs.  I broke out in goose bumps during Hard Knock Life, Tomorrow and Maybe.  It's not even just the songs themselves.  I love the songs, but it's also that I associate Annie with little girls having their dreams come true performing it on Broadway.  It is the quintessential plum role for a little girl to play on Broadway.  This is definitely one movie I'm better off watching alone because I sang the songs and danced, very badly so it was nice that there was no one there to judge me for it.  There were some cheesy parts, and other parts where the singing and dancing was a bit awkward, but what do you expect?  It's Annie; but I loved the modern spin on an old classic.

You're Not You
This one is available on Neflix for streaming. This was another movie that it's a good thing I watched alone because at the end I was sobbing.  Chest heaving, loud sobbing; the whole bit.  The ending was just so so painfully sad.  If you get emotional on movies there is no way that you won't cry watching this and if you NEVER cry on movies I dare you to see if you can get through this one without a tear.  Hilary Swank did an amazing job playing a character suffering from ALS.   What a terrible, horrible disease.  I ended up having to watch it on my laptop because as per usual whenever MJ leaves the technology in our house quits working and I couldn't get into Netflix on our TV.  

I fell asleep on this at the drive in when we went to see it because I am not capable of staying up for the second movie.  At the drive in you get two for the price of one but if we go to the night showing there is a good chance I'm only seeing one. MJ however, did not fall asleep so I specifically waited until he was gone to rent this one. 

Best of Me
This was a typical Nicholas Sparks movie.  Very sappy and full of the romantic angst that only star crossed lovers can produce but also very good.  I didn't cry until the very, very end. 

Big Eyes
I really like Amy Adams so I was excited to see this one.  I despised her scheming swindling husband and what he did to Amy Adam's character, but I loved everything else.  Interesting insight into the origins of Keane paintings, which I realize I've seen before but didn't really know anything about them.

Mad Max Fury Road
I'm throwing this one in there because we went to see this last weekend as our last date night for a while and it was AMAZING.  At first I was thinking, eh I don't know about this movie, but then it picked up.  Charlize Theron was outstanding.  Shaved hair, dirty, one armed, strong and beautiful.  She kicked some serious butt.  All the women were bad ass.  Just for kicks we watched the original Mad Max a while ago when we heard about the remake.  I'd seen it before and remember it being this ground breaking movie.  Watching it for the second time.  Well, it was just weird.  So weird.  And I guess that was ground breaking for that time.  I just don't remember it being that out there and actually kind of pointless.  Well, the remake was shiny and chrome.  You'll know what I'm talking about after you watch it, but you still won't understand what that actually means.  It was new yet still paid homage to the original Mad Max weirdness with on the road desert fighting scenes and strange characters.  The traveling battle guitarist has got to go.  That was just a little bit too much; but even still I have to say it fit.    

And that concludes my weekend recap.  


Faith said...

Our weather has been so good lately and then starting today we have rain and thunderstorms in our forecast for the next week. I guess, I'm just happy we had it so good, lol.

I saw Annie and there were def. some cheesy parts but I loved it because you expect the cheese!

My friend recommended that I watch "You are not you" so I think I'll watch it tonight.

Love me some almonds and grapes!

Amanda @ said...

The movies Netflix recommends to me are usually really bad! I have much better luck looking for recommendations online. (Like your blog right now, haha!) I'll have to check out "Big Eyes" - I'm an Amy Adams fan, too!

Food, Booze, & Baggage said...

Ugh the weather!!! I've been saying the exact same thing, it has seemed like the whole month was off. We were planning a hike Sunday, but decided not to go since it rained all morning. I didn't want to be miserable and wet :( It was the perfect weekend to stay in and tv binge :)

Law_Fal said...

Our weather has been terrible in Houston :( I thought it never rained in Southern California ;) that old school song definitely gave the world the wrong idea about California and its weather. I love a restful Netflix filled weekend!

Natalie said...

If you have Netflix than watch the documentary The Source Family... SO GOOD! I wish I lived in the 70s. Another one you should watch is Melancholia. Kirsten Dunst is in it. It's kinda weird but it really is good. The ending is really beautiful and scary at the same time.

Ashley @ A Cute Angle said...

For sure watching that City Ballet show! Thanks for tip!

~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

Vett Vandiver said...

thanks for sharing these! I will check them out this weekend :)