Bikini Body Guide Round Three

When we went into lock down that didn't change working out for me because I'd already been working out at home for a really long time and loving it. That being said, it was NOT my idea to do Bikini Body Guide. It was actually my husbands, and being that I am working from home made committing to an exercise program together more doable. I knew it would be a challenge, but I agreed to do it as long as my knees would let me. 

The first time I did Bikini Body Guide was in 2015. I did the first 12 weeks only. Then, I did the last twelve weeks a year later. This time, I did the whole thing. Bikini Body Guide 1.0 and 2.0 together. That's 24 weeks. Six months!! That is a long time for me to stay dedicated to working out 5-6 days a week consistently. We had just enough time to get the first 12 weeks done together, before he had to go out of town for work. I really didn't plan on continuing, but I figured I had no reason NOT to so I did. There is a lot of jumping, lunging, and stepping up throughout the entire program. After leg and full body days my knees would really hurt just walking up stairs, sitting down on the couch etc. I love that the circuits are only 28 minutes (32 with a minute of rest between each), but I pushed myself hard in those circuits. Sweat pouring heart rate soaring hard! I really liked the walk days. It felt like a break, and I really needed it. Having separate day for abs and arms, along with two days of walking was helpful to give my knees some rest, but I definitely felt a little bit more beat up as the weeks went on. My knees held up way better than I expected them to. I'm actually shocked that I made it!

Each workout has two circuits, and each one is repeated twice for seven minutes each. If you don't finish all of it you don't, but if you do you keep going and repeat the moves until the seven minutes is up. Each one has four exercises. No big deal right? Well, not exactly. Some of the exercises are hard on their own, but when you group them together...with other hard exercises. Well that's a different story. There were some circuits where I could finish all the exercises in seven minutes, and then could start again. Some of them I could even do twice, but there were some where I couldn't finish at all. I just could not get through all the moves. Some of the circuits are basically impossible! Like we are being set up to fail. And the reps get higher and higher as it goes on. I could not get through all the reps in the last leg day circuit of week 24. I tried so hard and even after six months of circuits I simply could not do it!

Needless to say, after six months of I was over it. I was over it before the first 12 weeks was even up! Some days my husband and I would look at each other like, eh...we don't wanna! We kept each other accountable, but I was on my own for the last twelve weeks. Staying motivated was really tough, but I didn't want to quit. Even though there were times that I felt defeated because my knees hurt, or I couldn't get through all the exercises, I felt stronger and more powerful as the weeks went on. I was really proud of myself for finishing it without missing a single workout. I am mad at myself for letting the fact that the scale did not go down bother me. No matter how hard I try, I still have hang ups about my body. There is always that part of me that wants some massive transformation to happen, but the reality is that I'll never be as thin as I used to be, and I'm going to have to get over it! I mean, I have accepted it, but still. Sometimes, I take a few steps back. There were no major changes, but looking at the pic now, I feel pretty good about my results. I should be really proud of this body for getting me through all those hard circuits. Period. The negative self talk and criticism is such a waste of time, but I'll probably always be working on not doing it. 

24 Weeks of Bikini Body Guide YouTube Video Here

Bikini Body Guide is tough! But I am really glad I did it. I will continue to do the workouts here and there, as I have been. I always go back to these workouts, and I love having them as an at home resource for workouts. Will I ever do the entire program again 12 or 24 weeks? The answer is NO!! But then again, that's what I said after every single time I've done it.


Carly said...

Oh my gosh, you should be so proud of yourself! 24 weeks in a row is insane and you look incredible.

Toni :0) said...

You have a lot to be proud of as that is major commitment and your body shows it. Well done. I’d love a body shape like yours. I’ve lost nearly 60 pounds but still have about 35 more to go and I’ve struggled the last year as I was derailed with getting both my knees replaced and so hard getting back on track with my meal plan. I’ll get there but it’s just baby steps for now.

Ameena said...

Woww! Goals for sure! Job well done! I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog again! I lost the name after I switched phones about 2 years to say, my whole week is made! Hope you are well.