One Night On The Strip

Las Vegas is truly an adult playground if there ever was one, and they don't call it sin city for nothing. It's a spectacle that screams party, opulence, excess, and sex. Each building tries to outdo the next, and and there is always something new to see and do. People get wild, but I love the energy, and I love that anything goes vibe. The sun and heat is very intense during the day, but warm summer nights are the best. Vegas is close enough that even before my parents lived there, it was one of our favorite getaway spots. Most of the time we go to the strip, but there have been times that we skipped it in favor of Fremont Street or nothing at all. Especially if it's cold. This time, spent one night on the strip and the rest with family. 

This was my first flight since the pandemic and every single flight we took was either delayed or cancelled. All three of them. Three, because on our way back the flight was delayed then cancelled altogether. We had to have my Dad pick us up and stay for an extra night. Then, when we went back that flight was delayed too! I'm telling you. The airport was a shit show. So crowded. So many cancelled flights due to a loss in weather communications. Social distancing was absolutely not possible, so I'm very glad they are still requiring masks. There are however, no more pandemic rules on the strip or in Las Vegas period. The last time we went, there was plexiglass at card tables, and chairs removed at slots to increase distance, but this time around. Nada. No masks required. Nothing. Same thing in San Diego since June 15th. Pandemic what? The world seems to have moved on.

We got there Thursday, spent Friday night on the strip along with my sister and brother in law. This was my first time staying at Caesars Palace and it was so so nice. Newly renovated, spacious, and most importantly clean! In the summer the heat hits you hard, but if you want shade you probably have to pay for it. We checked in and went to the pool. We spent the entire time in the water with drinks in hand. That's what people do to escape the heat and sun. The Garden of the Gods pool wasn't a major pool party vibe which was good. No DJ, but they play music and it was still very lively and fun. It had been a while since I did the Las Vegas Pool thing, and I really enjoyed it. The poolside drinks were $28.00. I just had to say that, because it's INSANE. But they were good, and so refreshing. Thank you husband for taking one for the team and buying them. Dinner was amazing. We ate at Off The Strip where they were able to seat us right away and we didn't need a reservation. I had a delicious burger. We gambled some. We're old-ish. They're parents. We were all kind of tired, but still had a fun night out. Even MJ the machine needed a nap after the pool, but we rallied as best we could staying out until about 12:00 am.

By the time we checked out of our hotel at 11:00am it was a real search to find a place still serving breakfast, but we found Cafe Americano, with some brunch offerings conveniently located inside of our hotel. There was a line, but it went pretty fast. We were hungry!!!

It was a fantastic visit. My eight month old nephew is so cute. I'm so glad I finally got to meet him, even though he wants nothing to do with anyone but mom and dad. I got to hold him for about three minutes, and let's just say grammy did not sleep much that night we were on the strip. Neither one of them did. I'm also glad that my niece has finally grown out of her only mommy phase. She's five now, a lot of fun, and such a little sweetheart. When we got back the next day she said, "So, how was the hotel auntie Carmen?" Like a little adult! Aside from the strip we didn't do a whole lot. It was about 115 degrees! You really can't do much with that. We had some family over for a Bar B Q on Saturday, and did our usual Cracker Barrel breakfast. I'm still so in love with their pancakes. We had to wait 90 minutes in the heat for a table, but it was worth it. 

One Night on the Strip Costs How Much?? : YouTube Video Here


Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Love that you're able to just hop over to Vegas, but booooo to flight delays and cancellations. I definitely feel like our country has moved on as well, everywhere is crowded again and feels like pre-pandemic life again. Part of me loves it, but part of me is nervous.

Green Fashionista

Toni :0) said...

So fun! Terrible to hear about all the flight issues. I LOVE Cracker Barrel pancakes. They are seriously THE BEST!!

Ameena said...

I watched your vlog on Youtube but I love reading your blogs posts too! I love that you all take so many quick trips! So inspiring :)

ALLIE NYC said...

Wow this sounds like a challenge but over all a good trip. Once when I flew back from Paris it was awful b/c the MB engines had a problem and they had to recall all the planes so the plane for the flight back was used for flights to India so none of the entertainment was in English there were no seat assignments as it was a different plan and they had no data on who paid for what food service I almost did not get any food, it was bad. But over all your trip sounded great.