Summer Things Catch Up : Las Vegas Part III


I'm going to jump back in time to August. Even though it's November. Why bother you ask? Because this is my blog and it has to be here. Late or not. I went out of state once per month in July, August, and September. I think I was overwhelmed by all the posting it was going to be and my time was stretched between writing and YouTube so I didn't. Now I feel like I can't not so I'm doing two summer things catch up posts. 


In August I went back to Las Vegas for the third time, mainly to meet up with my friend from 8th grade. I haven't seen her in soooo long. When I heard she was going to be in Vegas with her husband for a conference I made plans to go again. Bonus that I see my parents again AND my sister was going to be there too. Our trips would only overlap by one night, but that was just enough time to get a hotel room and hang out on the strip. I usually fly Southwest, but since I had already spent over 1k in airline tickets for the year and desperate to save money I flew Southwest there and came home on Frontier because it was a little cheaper and a better flight time. Right after I booked it the mass flight cancellation situation with Frontier showed up on the news. As low budget as they are they did not let me down, except for one small hiccup with checking in on the way back.


My flight was delayed a bit on the way there. I got in a later than planned and got to spend one night with just my parents. Then my sisters flight was delayed the next day. They got here later, so we got to the strip a little bit later, but it all worked out. We stayed at The Palazzo which was simply fabulous! It's basically a more modern version of the Venetian. So, so nice. I wished we were there a bit longer. The pool was amazing. We found a good spot with some shade which is not easy to do without paying for a cabana. Between the three of us we spent $235 on drinks! You'd think we were alcoholics or something but we're not. The prices are just literally insane!! Thus, we are insane for paying it!! After that we went to dinner, and then casino hopped while I waited for my friend to become available. I did not see her until SO late. My sister was so exhausted she could not stay out anymore so she and her husband went back to the hotel. I hung around Caesar's Palace until around 10:30pm until they finally finished eating dinner at the buffet. I really had to rally, because I was so tired, but it was worth it. It was so good to see her. She has a husband and two kids. Life is busy, so who knows when I will see her next. I'm so glad it worked out that we could see each other even if for a short time. They are big money gamblers so it was fun to watch them pull out wads of cash and throw down on Black Jack tables. I stuck to video Black Jack. We stayed out until 2:30 am!!! My flight left the next evening with no delays.


Fun fact. We were at the strip from Sunday to Monday. I walked 19,679 steps between those two days, and then could not walk at all on Tuesday! My plantars facitis flared up worse than EVER. It ached while I was in bed Sunday night after the strip, but I was okay enough Monday morning to walk the next day. Monday night it throbbed all night long and I had to hop on one foot just to get to the bathroom in the morning. I had to ease into putting any weight on it at all. I couldn't walk normally for days and it took an entire week for it to get well enough for me to start walking for exercise again.   

I did get to spend a little bit more time with my sister. She and her family went from Vegas to Disneyland in Anaheim for two days and then made the drive down to San Diego to see us. After two days at Disney she showed up at my door barely able to walk. Darn we are getting old! She was only here for two nights, before driving to Vegas to catch her flight home but we really made the most of it. We went to the pool and she got caught up on good Mexican food eating. It was so good to see her and my nephew again. And I am not kidding when I say I haven't seen my brother in law in eleven years! My sister and I were like best friends when she lived in California. We took trips together and hung out all the time. I miss that! I miss her. It's just not been the same since she moved away like ten years ago now, and that makes me kind of sad, but that's life right? We have to cherish the moments we get.

I got to see my entire family this year. Not all together at the same time, but I'll take it.

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