She's Having A Baby Alright

We got some awesome news last week. My sister will not be going to Vegas after all. She will be staying right here in So Cal! The military screwed up and when her hubby went to check in he was told, "You aren't going to Vegas." All of their things had already been shipped out there and now they have to get those back as soon as they figure out where they're going to live. Yes, it kind of threw them for a loop but I am really glad she is going to be so close.

Me and my big sis

Her baby shower was Sunday at my mom's house and it turned out really nice. We spent most of the time outside and basked in the perfect 72 degree weather. She got tons of gifts and hung out with some friends she hasn't seen in a while. My mom invited her friends from work and a few of my friends came. When I got home Mj asked me why I didn't bring him any food and I told him the truth. "We ate it ALL." And we enjoyed every bit.  I can't believe that this tiny little person who can't talk, walk or even sit up needs so many things!!! She's been wanting this for a long time and is so happy and I am happy for her.  And of course my mom is thrilled that one of us is finally going to give her a grandchild.

I think babies are cute and precious and all that good stuff but I am not really a "baby person." They give me a maternal pang when I see them and hold them but for the most part it usually ends right there. I've never wanted to baby sit or had an instinctive desire to be a mother for that matter.  I'm not sure if I'll ever have one of my own, but in about a week I will have a nephew which is totally new to me. I've not had too many babies in my life since my little sis stopped being a baby a long time ago so it will be interesting to see how how that's going to feel.

Next Tuesday is the big day and I'm so glad it's not me giving birth. I'm sort of using my sister as a "test case."   What a difficult pregnancy it's been for her from trying to get pregnant in the first place, to fibroid complications to gestational diabetes.  She is more then READY to get this kid out.  After getting the inside scoop from someone who shares my genes and interacting with a baby so closely related to me, if I find that this whole baby business seems to be way too much then it could really help me make up my mind.   It might make me want to have a baby less then I do right now OR there is that slim possibility that it could have the opposite effect.   In which case I'd then have to convince my husband and that would be even harder then convincing me. 


Dancy said...

I'm with you. I've never really had that maternal "I want a baby" feeling. I can wait forever, but I really can't cuz I'm 32 & there are things that run in my family that I'm afraid of passing down if I wait too long & have a child when I'm older.

And on the other hand - my Mr. wants to pop them out asap. Lord help us! LOL

Dancy said...

P.S. - Congrats to your sister though and you too! Being an Aunt is awesome - you get to spoil them and snuggle them but still pass them off when they get whiney. ;)

Real Wives Of Chicago said...

Awww..stopping by your blog and I love it. Congrats on being a new auntie...from real wives of chicago

Ameena said...

I never had the I need a baby feeling either and 5 years later I am still waiting for it. Except that now I have a 5 year old.

Congratulations to your sister and although I barely know you I do know that you are going to be a fantastic aunt.

I was so ready to get the baby out too! But then she came out screaming and hasn't stopped since!