Seven Things

One of my favorite bloggers, Faith from Life, Love & Marriage tagged me last week for a seven things post.  She came up with all kinds of fun and witty things to say about herself but it's always a struggle for me.  At least it's given me something to write about!  I wracked my brain and this is what I came up with.
  1. I purposefully avoid getting interested in new TV shows during the Fall TV premiere week because I'm afraid I might find something I actually like.  I don't have to worry about wanting to watch them every week.  I stick to a few old faithfuls (mostly short term reality shows) and have ditched a bunch to cut down on TV time.  I don't want catching up on TV shows in my DVR to feel like a job.
  2. My favorite color is Pink.  I even had to use it as one of my wedding colors.  It reminds me of all things beautiful like ballet and dainty pink flowers.  So delicate and perfect.  Maybe it's cliche for a girly girl like myself but oh well!!
  3.  I started kindergarten when I was 4 so I was always a year younger then all of my classmates.
  4.  I have two great sisters but always wondered what it would be like to have a brother.
  5. Ive only been eating Strawberries for about the last five years.  I was too afraid to try them because of the way they look.  Boy was I missing out!  I've always been sort of a picky eater but have greatly increased the foods that I'll eat as I've gotten older.
  6. I had a detached retina when I was in college.  This is something that often results from a blow to the eye but mine just happened.  I had to have eye surgery to repair it or else I could have gone blind.  My vision in that eye worsened (as if it wasn't bad enough) but I haven't had any problems with it ever since.  
  7. I am a cheese junkie.  I love all kinds.  I love it by itself and it's the main ingredient of some of my favorite foods which include Pizza, lasagna, and Quesadilla.
I have almost fully recovered from my crash on the ice rink last weekend.  My knees are still bruised and tender but getting better.  I seriously can't believe how banged up I got.  I must have hit that ice HARD!  Have you heard that B of A is going to start charging $5 per month for debit card usage?  I don't bank with them but if I did I'd be closing my accounts faster then that $5 could post to my account.  How ridiculous is that?  We have USAA (love them!) and I'm pretty sure they would never even consider doing such a thing but I hope other banks don't jump on the bandwagon and follow suit.  What a week this has been!  Work, school, gym, errands.  Life can be so exhausting.  It's gone by fast AND slow at the same time.  I'm not even sure how that is possible but I'm just really glad it's finally Friday.  I'm meeting my wonderful husband for a lunch date and then after work I'll be off to happy hour with friends.  

Happy Friday!!


Tami-scramble said...

Isn't Faith the best? :)

I don't want to burst your bubble on the strawberries front- but make sure and buy the organic kind ONLY!! Regular strawberries are quite dangerous actually- so steer clear. Here's an article that outlines why:

Being married to a neuroscientist keeps you very aware of the latest dangers! haha.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

These are great! I am the same way about the TV shows becomes like an extra job just to keep up with everything! Glad your are feelin g better

Lil' Woman said...

Love Faith, she's the best! :)
I recorded a bunch of shows but now I'm starting to weed some of the 'ehh' ones out.

Dancy said...

This is cute. You're so right about the shows too. I'm also sick of getting into a show only to have it cancelled after season 1. And I'm SO with you on the $5 charge. It's redic.

Faith said...

about the shows ... i stopped for a while not watching new shows and then i realized that besides Jersey Shore and HGTV, i do not have a show that i religiously watch, so i started PanAm last Sunday and i loved it .. glad to have a new show to look forward to! :)

i started kindergarten at 4 too!

i feel that if someone doesn't like cheese ... something is truly wrong. the only way you can NOT like cheese is if you are lactose intolerant in my opinion.

loved reading your 7 things!

p.s. i hope my bank doesn't follow suit. charging me to take out my own money? no, thank you!

Kristin said...

My favorite color is PINK too! I have everything pink, even the settings on my work computer. I often wonder if all my pink stuff makes me look childish but I just love it so much! I also love cheese ;)

Mrs. K said...

I like strawberries too and I love cheese (and all the foods you wrote that has cheese in them). MMmmm!

Ameena said...

The detached retina thing sounds scary! It's my worst nightmare to have to have eye surgery of any kind. I'm glad you are okay!

I'm with you on the new Fall shows...I avoid them like the plague. Even when I worked in television which would just stump my colleagues! So far this year I have been successful. :)