4th of July (sort of) Weekend

The 4th of July being on Wednesday was pretty screwy this year so I took Thursday off.  It's not like we were even planning to do much of anything for the 4th but having to go to work the day after the holiday just didn't seem right.  So basically, I had two Friday's this week and getting through the 2nd one wasn't that bad.  We went to a BBQ on the 4th and enjoyed ourselves there.  We didn't feel like going anywhere else or dealing with any crowds that night so we skipped the fireworks.  We like them but can take it or leave it.
I probably need to work on my form!!
Thursday afternoon we went bowling downtown at East Village Tavern and Bowl.   I had a Groupon for $40 credit to use towards bowling and food.  Mj beat me of course.  The only thing I've ever managed to really "beat" him at is ice skating.  I pretty much suck at bowling.  My high score was 134 but I did manage a strike or two.  It was fun, but two games was plenty because by the 2nd one my wrist and hands were already feeling a bit sore.  I quit while I was ahead and my nails remained intact.  We use the rest of our credit on lunch and beer at the bar.
Poor kid!  He was so afraid of the sand at first

My nephew and my sister
Me and my sister
Saturday Mj organized a day at the beach at Breakers Beach on Coronado Island.  He posted it on facebook and about 27 people came out including my sister and her family.  The weather was a perfect 76 degrees.  It's on base so there are no crowds and plenty of close parking.  The last time I went to the beach was 2 years ago on our honeymoon in Hawaii and I can't even remember the last time we went to the beach locally.  Our beaches are beautiful and I've lived less then 30 minutes away from the coast my whole life but I've just never been into it.  I don't need a tan and the beach is just so messy and sandy.  The water is usually way too cold and I get a little nervous about what might be floating around in there so I'd rather go to a park with nice neat grass.  Or better yet a beach or a bay with grass.

I dug my toes into the sand and just went with it and it was actually kind of freeing to just be sitting in the sand and just letting the dirt happen.   It was a nice break from my usual clean freak mode.  Black folks CAN get sunburned.  Mj and I both got a little bit burnt.  We bought umbrellas but apparently they were real cheap and didn't stand up to the wind.  They were both broken within an hour of us being there!  Dj was really afraid of the sand and wouldn't sit in it and didn't even want to walk in it.  Poor kid.  He finally got over it when his dad sat him in it and just left him there crying.  After that he had a lot more fun.  The ocean is so pretty to look at but only my feet went in.  Mj went body boarding, the guys were throwing balls around and we had a giant party sub from Subway.  There were so many people and so much going on I barely sat down the whole day.  We all had a really fun time.  

I embraced the dirt but when I got home I made a beeline for the shower.  It was a fun day at the beach but it felt so good to be clean again.


Faith said...

When I was a camp counselor I use to get sunburned! I was surprised to find that out. And my dark skin tans as well :)

Looks like a great time! I didn't use to like the beach but now I'm such a beach lover. There is something serene and freeing about being on a beach.

Happy Sunday!

The Funky Junkie said...

Sounds like a great weekend! It was super weird having to go back to work after the 4th. Luckily I'm off all this week for vacation so all I needed to do was get through those last 2 days. :) That's so fun that you guys skipped out on the fireworks. I gotta say I always think they're a little overrated but I feel unpatriotic if I don't go!

CeCe @Frugalista Married said...

After going yesterday I think I could be a beach fan too. It was so much fun and so pretty.

CeCe @Frugalista Married said...

Next year it'll be a little better with the 4th being on Thursday but this year was really weird. We did see fireworks last year but this year after being out all day going out again just was not happening.

jacin {lovely little details} said...

you look so gorgeous! sounds like you all had a great time - i love coronado!! hope you're doing well :)

Janna Renee said...

Oh man, I am a beach baby!! Florida's beaches have warm water, and there are ALWAYS parties on the beach, so that may have something to do with it. I can't believe your nephew was scared of the sand. Too funny!