Four Years Later.....

July 10, 2010.  Right after saying "I Do."

Our wedding day was July 10, 2010 and Two years later....

We're enjoying our first home together that we moved into just 1 1/2 months before our wedding.
I still feel honored to be his wife and call him my husband.
I am still dazzled by my three ring bling and catch myself staring down at them.  
My heart still swells when I recall our wonderful wedding day filled with friends, family and celebration.  I'll always remember it as one of the happiest days of my life.
I still remember that magical feeling of being a princess Queen for a day.
I know I picked the right wedding recessional song because it still brings tears to my eyes when I hear it and reminds me of how lucky I am to have found him.
I still love my wedding dress and know it was perfect for me.
I still plan on preserving said wedding dress (still hanging in my closet) in a box so it'll take up less space and I can have it to look at it forever.
I'm still wearing my wedding shoes.  Silver gladiator flats from Macy's for only $32 bucks thank you very much!
I'm still obsessed with my wedding pictures.  I love, love, LOVE them!
I've finally accepted the passing of my joyful and exciting bride to be days and no longer ache with a yearning to do it all over again.
I still can't believe that I managed to pull off such an awesome wedding for only $11,275.
We still have not popped open that bottle of Dom Perignon.  I'm still waiting for the perfect time...yes, two years later.  It's expensive stuff!
I still feel so fortunate that I got to have a wedding at all.  It truly was a fairytale moment for me.
I have the best memories of our perfect Oahu honeymoon and am looking forward to our next big vacation later this year.

A wedding gift not yet opened
Vegas 2008

Vegas 2008

We met on March 15, 2008 and Four years later......

He still makes my heart happy.
I'm still excited to see him when I get home.
We're still dating and the romance is alive and well.
He is still the most handsome man in the world.
I still crave his touch, hugs and kisses.
I still look at him with love in my eyes.
He still means the world to me.
I still miss him when we are apart.
I still think of him randomly throughout the day and it makes me smile.
He is still my best friend and we have so much fun together.
He still makes me want to be a better person.
I am still amazed by his overall awesomeness and thrilled that I managed to snag such a good guy.
I finally believe that I deserve this love and that I give to him almost as much as I get back.

Wedding Day Recaps & Pics


Faith said...

this post just gave me goosebumps.

i just love it so much.

i am so happy that you have found this love and that you continue to feel this love for MJ.

it is an incredible feeling to be loved and to love. to know that you do deserve the type of happiness that you have been given.

everyday i thank God that i have someone like that in my life. we're lucky ladies :)

p.s. i can't believe we've been following each other for years. it is crazy how fast the time goes! looking forward to following your life and journey for many, many more years!

Nylse said...

congratulations - this post reassures me that love is real and there are lots of good guys out there!..I love young love...I'm not so young - but I'm a lucky lady too!!!!

is it ok to tell Faith her love gives me goosebumps also?

Nicole G said...

Congrats! My wedding day was one of the happiest days of my life! We'll hit 3 years this Oct (8 together) and for the first time looking at my photos I can't believe how YOUNG we both look! Ha!

And go drink that champagne, lady! Anniversaries are a great excuse!

Mrs. Williams said...

Happy Anniversary!! This was a sweet post.

CeCe said...

I'm glad I gave you goose bumps!! True love is so amazing! I agree. We are both very lucky ladies to have found it. Thanks for reading my blog all of these years!!

CeCe said...

Thanks! Yes, perfectly fine since Faith's love gives me goose bumps as well!

CeCe said...

When I look back on photos of us just four years ago I feel like we look so young but at the same time I don't necessarily think we look much different!

Steph said...

Awww... how sweet! Happy Anniversary!

Dr. Reginia said...

This is a beautiful post. Happy Anniversary.

ffprncez said...

AWE! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to you two love birds!!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

This is sooo sweet..happy anniversary!

Jacqueline Hough said...

A beautiful post! Happy Anniversary!

Janna Renee said...

I got goosebumps too! This is so beautiful, and I'm so happy to see the love y'all have. Yay for both of us being with our soldiers for four years and married for two! Love that song, by the way!