Weekend Ramblings

A shameless selfie is one of the few pics from the weekend I have to share.  It just wasn't that kind of weekend. Which is fine by me.  Mj and I did a pairs selfie (a groupie?)but I didn't like the way it turned out.  I feel bad for the poor guy with all the pictures he has to take and be in so I didn't want to ask to do it again.  
Friday was dinner and a movie date night
I really hate it when a new scary movie comes out and the trailer looks awesomely spooky but then when I go and see it I walk away totally disappointed.  I'm happy to report that The Conjuring is not that movie.  We wanted to see it at Cineopolis but it wasn't playing there so this was actually my first time being back in a "non luxury" theater in a while and it was fine.  I might be an HD snob but I have not turned into a luxury cinema snob yet.  The movie was creepy and kept me jumping in my seat which is how I like it.  Walking away from that movie you kind of get the impression that demonic possession could happen to anyone so I'm thinking about converting to Catholicism.  The Vatican is in charge of all the exorcisms so I think it would give me an advantage should I ever become afflicted.  
Cinnamon Toast Sticks from Hooley's Irish Pub & Grill
I've had egg whites, greens and tofu coming out of my ears lately so I took the liberty to indulge over the weekend.  You can only eat salads for so long before you eventually break.  Friday before the movies at dinner I ordered Grilled Chicken Mac and Cheese.  I LOVE Mac and Cheese but I rarely ever order it.  It was soooo good!  For dessert we had Cinnamon Toast sticks with Vanilla ice cream.  Delicious! Totally worth it.  On Sunday we went to breakfast and instead of ordering the boring Veggie Omelet I went for French Toast which is my favorite breakfast.  I dug in too fast to even get a picture.  I've been there so many times and didn't even realize they have the best French Toast I've ever had in San Diego because I was too busy trying to be "good" and order egg white Omelet's.  I don't feel an ounce of guilt over any of it.  Today I'll be eating a big ass Italian Sub for dinner from Capriotti's because Mj has a Groupon we need to use.

We had a total breakdown in communication on Saturday.  Don't you love it when that happens? It's like you are from two different planets.  Venus and Mars of course. 
Mj:  We're leaving in 20 minutes
Me: What? Where are we going?
Mj:  Mike's party.  I told you about it.
Me:  What party?
Mj:  His Birthday party.  Remember?
Me: No!  I am wearing pajamas.  I took my contacts out.  I was planning on folding laundry and watching Breaking Bad.  Do I have to go?
Mj:  Yes.
Me: F!!! (Since I don't like to actually say the F word but sometimes I really feel it).  Well where is it?  Are we going out to dinner?   See, if you had really told me about this I would know already.
Mj:  At his house.
Me: Lots of stomping around and groaning as I start getting dressed and trying to make myself presentable.

Anyways.  We usually do pretty well but this one totally slipped through the cracks.  We had plans for Cineopolis that night originally so Mike's party was up in the air.  I didn't know if it was a guys thing or if I was even invited when he initially mentioned it and all thoughts of it disappeared from my mind because we had conflicting plans anyways.  Mj never brought it up again.  He says he did but I certainly don't recall.  I got ready really fast, we went to the party and fun was had by all.

Breaking Bad Season 5 is available on Netflix now. It's funny how one minute you can be totally obsessed with a show and the next you can't even remember why so and so is acting all crazy.  I have a really bad memory and we watched season 4 a long time ago.  I was forgetting all of these important details and couldn't remember what was going on so I had to brush up on Wikipedia.  Memory refreshed; I now remember why I HATE Walter so much!   We're going to try to get in as many episodes in as we can before Mj leaves.

Coming back to work on Monday I almost feel like I've been on vacation.  Not because we did all that much but just because it felt really nice and long and it was a nice mix of everything.  I got my oil changed, cleaned house, did laundry, ran errands, shopped, ate a lot, relaxed and went out and had some fun.  It was Mj's last weekend before he jets off to Germany.  I'm glad we were able to get some in some quality time together.

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Amanda Bumgarner said...

You are much braver than I. There's so way I'd see The Conjuring. I would get too scared!

Reginia - PoisedinPrint.com said...

Great selfie! Your hair looks great.

I want to see the new movie with Denzel.

Misty said...

I can't watch movies like that. At all.

I'm catching up on Breaking Bad now. I love it!

afairlie said...

Totally laughing out loud about converting to Catholocism after seeing The Conjuring (me too!) and your communication lapse. Being in my PJ's, folding laundry (this part I could do without), and watching Netflix is a great Saturday night for me... much to my social butterfly boyfriend's dismay :)

A Life Less Traveled said...

Those cinnamon toast sticks look heavenly. Oh and pretty selfie!

Marie Young said...

I cannot with the scary movies. It just unsettles my spirit. #CANT. LOL


Anonymous said...

All bets are off for me once I take my contacts out! Ali knows better than to even suggest going out. Glad you had a good time!

Very cute picture. You are gorgeous.

Real College Student of Atlanta said...

you look so pretty! and those cinnamon sticks look fab!

Kim Jackson said...

You look so pretty and happy in the first pic! Gorgeous!

Faith said...

You look so pretty!

I could not watch that movie! Biggest scaredy cat!

Haha Sean and I have that happen often. I'm convinced that in his mind he did but it didn't actually leave his mouth.

Pegster said...

I love me a shameless selfie particularly one that looks that good :). Your hair is getting so long.

TheTinyHeart said...

I am such a baby and can't handle scary movies! I'm laughing at the conversation you had with your hubby because sometimes my husband forgets to tell me things too. And that cinnamon french toast looks SO yummy!

The Tiny Heart
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Miss Monica said...

I have never seen Breaking Bad and I have Netflix. I will have to check it out.

Whitney Cypert said...

Such a gorgeous girl you are! I'm glad you liked The Conjuring too, Garrett and I both really liked it. Scary movies are the best. Also, I'm glad you let yourself have some yummy food, it all sounds so good. Do you love Breaking Bad? I guess that is the next show that Garrett and I need to start, I have heard so many good things about it.