Well I Never.....

I have never plucked or waxed my brows.  There is already enough body part grooming going on.  I actually like my eyebrows the way they are so I leave well enough alone. 

I have never paid more then $150 plus tax for any single item of clothing, shoe, purse or accessory.  I've paid about that amount for tall leather boots and designer jeans.  Lucky for me I haven't wanted anything more expensive then that and Lucky for me anything that I own that is more expensive then that was purchased by Le husband.

I have never run a half or a full marathon.  Nor will I ever.  I know they are all the rage but I just don't have the knees for it.  Nor the desire.  Running that long and that far sounds like torture.  I can run a 5k with no training but anything more then that which would require training would not be possible for me.  My body just couldn't take it.  I will run on a treadmill.  And I have done runs around my neighborhood here and there but any more then that is not happening.

I have never been skiing, spent more then 5 minutes in the snow or driven a car in it for that matter. I'm a So Cal girl born and raised. I get cold when it's in the 60's and when it's in the 50's I think I'm going to get frostbite.  Mj keeps telling me that somehow it wouldn't be as cold as I think I would be in the snow but I absolutely do not believe him.

I have never been black out falling down drunk. I've been falling out of chair drunk but never to the point where I blacked out or lost consciousness. 
Photo Credit:  Mj!  He took the pic in our backyard.  I was too scared
I've never been stung by a bee.  I could be allergic and I don't even know it but I certainly don't want to find out.  I run when I see them coming.... or any other kind of bug.

I've never had a cavity.  I brush my teeth twice a day and I'm really bad about flossing.  And I love candy.  They say it's good enamel.  I do really need to start flossing because I know I can't skate by on my good enamel forever.

I have never eaten a banana. I just don't like 'em. I don't even like the smell...or it's slimy mushy texture. I'm not very adventurous when it comes to food so it's just one of many things on my list of things I don't like to eat.  Pineapples used to be on that list too but I started eating them within the last few years.

I have never loved a sport more then I love gymnastics. There is just something so amazing about what these athletes can do. I just don't think it's normal that a person can do a full twisting back tuck on a 4 inch wide beam. It defies the laws of gravity and it's down right scary! It's not normal...and yet they make it look so effortless.  As a former gymnast I know how hard it is and I was no where near Elite.  To know me is to know that I love gymnastics and I could go on and on about how inspiring gymnasts are to me but I'll stop.  I will take this moment mention all the Fierce Five (except Aly Raisman who did Dancing With the Stars) from London are back in the gym.  Kyla Ross and McKayla Maroney (of not impressed and vaulting fame) were the only two that competed in USA Nationals a few weeks ago but they all seem more serious then anybody expected them to be about continuing onto Rio.  World Championships are coming up.  Oh, and Gabby Douglas switched gyms.  She left Chow's in Iowa with no explanation and moved to LA.  Story about it here.

Watch this video.  It gave me the chills!


Deidre said...

I never used to do anything to my eyebrows, but I'm trying to maintain the shape that my wedding make up person did - but that being said, I only pluck like once every 2 months. I'm not committed.

I've never been falling down drunk, nor have I eaten a banana. Seriously the texture is NOT RIGHT.

A Life Less Traveled said...

I hate tweezing my eyebrows so I get them waxed for about $10 every few weeks.

Glad I am not alone in having zero desire to run a marathon. I have never enjoyed running period. If you see me running it is because someone or something is chasing me.

Faith said...

I've never been stung by a bee either and I'm worried I could be allergic! Lol!

I've never been black out drunk either. Just not appealing to me at all.

Kalyn V said...

Consider yourself lucky on not being stung by a bee! I've been stung by bees/wasps too many times and it is no fun at all!

Mrs. K said...

You have naturally awesome eyebrows so you are very lucky that you don't have to do anything with them. I've never eaten a banana but I like banana bread. I also don't like watermelons but that's a another story. I have a 5K coming up then hopefully a half marathon. Very excited. I hate being cold too...I'm a Jamaican girl :)

Rachel Murphree said...

I've also never been on skis or a snowboard, nor stung by a bee. Must be a so cal thing. ;)

Nicole | Pharr Away said...

You're posts always crack me up, Cece! Looking at the photo of you to the right I would bet money you got those eyebrows done...very surprised to know that's not the case! I wasn't a fan of bananas until this year, for the same reasons. Now I eat them all the time! Love the photo of the bee...AH-MAZING!

Lix Hewett said...

I hated my eyebrows so much when I was a teen (and I had so little beauty instinct and apparently no one around to give me a pair of tweezers and a youtube video link) that I developed trichotillomania when I went to college. I pretty much had no eyebrows for a couple of years because I pulled them out with my fingers. I'm still pretty obsessive about them, but I've mostly got the trich under control, which I'm super proud of.

I cut my own hair because it gives me a sense of freedom + that way I don't have to deal with hairstylists. (Every single one I've met I wanted to kick.) I think the most expensive thing I own is about $126 in retail value, but I didn't acquire it with actual money. I don't have that kind of budget. Spending more than $20 on anything has been a splurge for the past few years, alas.

Never waxed anything - sounds super scary to me.

I've never been blackout drunk either. Just drunk enough to be sick, and I mostly got drunk to try it. I prefer to drink in moderation for the taste. :) I've never been stung by a bee or gone skiing either (skiing trips are too expensive!), or run a marathon. I want to take up running at some point but I really don't have any interest in the marathon thing.

And - the reason I actually opened this comment box - I LOVE gymnastics too! I'm actually a very new fan of the sport but I'm absolutely in love with it. So glad to find someone who shares my passion!

Whitney Cypert said...

I wish I could say that I have never had a cavity! As much as I hate the dentist, that would would be nice. I don't pluck or wax my eyebrows either. Sometimes I'll pluck a stray hair but that's about it. My eyebrows just never grow! Banana's are one of the fruits that I will actually eat but I won't go as far as to say that I like them, because I don't really. You and your hatred for cold weather! I think that's one of the only things we don't have in common!

The Lady Okie said...

What a fun post! Girl, you are missing out on bananas. They're so good! What do you put in your smoothies if you don't eat bananas? That's what I want to know ;) I've never waxed my eyebrows either. Ouch!

Treasure Tromp said...

no bananas? crazy talk ;) I went 25 years with no cavities and then BAM I got 5 out of no where. Apparently my flossing skills were sub par :(
thanks for posting that video!

Mrs JK said...

I got stung by a bee for the 1st time two years ago...hurt like crazy for way too long. Hahahaha, I'm gobsmacked at that you have never eaten a banana. I love them, but I must say, from time to time the texture also gets to me.

And Yey for never having blacked out from alcohol. Me neither :)

Je Ne Sais Quoi Jules said...

I LOVE this! & I'm an ex-gymnast (10years if blood, sweat & tears to that sport) so it will always have a HUGE soft spot in my heart!
Kudos to you for never having a cavity! That's pretty amazing!!

Anonymous said...

I go back and forth about bananas. Right now I am liking them. You are lucky to have great eyebrows-- although lately I have been tinting and waxing my own.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I've never been skiing either - though I really really wanna go. You've never been stung by a bee? I was stung like once a week as a boy :)



Anonymous said...

Not a fan of bananas nor threading my eyebrows but I have no choice with the latter...I have to look presentable!

Never been drunk (I don't drink) and I'm a terrible skier. Oh and I'll never run a marathon of any kind. Just not my thing.

P!nky said...

LOVE this post!

I've never done my eyebrows, but am getting them groomed before the wedding. I love how full they are but, want a bit more polish!

Gymnasts are amazing!!!

Kristin @ w/milk and sugar said...

Wow! You are so lucky to have naturally shaped eyebrows! I'm with you on the never running a (half or full) marathon. Part of me wants to, but my knees hurt when I put too much strain on them. Although I don't have any diagnosed problems with them, I know they would flare up if I even thought about running 13 miles.

Cassandra Too said...

I am surprised that you have never eaten a banana! That's like really cool! :D

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cassandra xx

Pegster said...

Oooooh, this is really cool.

I love that you've never paid more than $150 for clothes, you are my kind of shopper, I don't value expensive things like that at least until I am really rich :).

You've never had a cavity, how is that even possible. I want your teeth.

The Sweetest Thing said...

I am so envious of you right now... What I wouldn't give to be able to skip my bi-monthly eyebrow wax appt... :(

Jacqueline Hough said...

This was an awesome post!!!

Gee | EverythingWeddingsAndMore said...

Wow!! that banana one was quite a shocker!