I Blinked And it Was Over

Flower Fields are so trendy right now
The last two months have been pretty great. I've basically just been living living my best life.

In March my mother in law was in town for two weeks, so we did that be a tourist in your own city thing. While she was here we had the the first big gathering at our house. Lots of people showed up. I think MJ invited everyone on his Facebook friends list. I got zero pictures. Not even one! There wasn't a moment to spare. Looking back on it, the day was really a blur. I sat down a few times, but spent most of the time mingling and making sure everything was in place. I think that's just kind of what happens when you are hosting. We had stuff to prep, guests to greet, and then the entire day flew by. Our lasts guest left a little after 6ish. I think. Then we had clean up. I was so tired, I almost fell out when my mother in law told me we were going whale watching the next day.

Our tourist activities included whale watching, Taco Tuesday eating, luxury cinema movie watching, wine tasting, hiking and pool day lounging. She had a spa day to herself on her last day here. In between all that I managed to break the garbage disposal. I'll admit. I was exhausted for a lot of it, but I rallied and had a lot of fun. We did all the things! I kept thinking I was on vacation until I had to go to work.

We had one last weekend together, after his mom left. I would have been fine with sitting on my butt after all that activity, but MJ gets antsy. Also, the weather was great. Also, it was my Birthday weekend. We might as well keep the tourist thing going, so like any good tourist does, I went online and found something fun for us to do. I've lived here my whole life and never been to the Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch. It's only open to visitors from March to May 12th, so I'm really glad we got a chance to go this year. We paid $16 plus the cost of valet parking (because it was so packed) to stare at flowers. It was great, and not just because it's the latest Instagram trend either. The flowers are so beautiful, and they go on forever. Afterwards we had dinner at a cool bar in Oceanside called Local Tap House. I was excited just to be in Oceanside, because it's my hometown and I don't get up there often.

San Diego Bay

Oh my gosh. So Cute.
I preferred to do dinner on Sunday night, the day before my Birthday, because I wanted to spend my actual birthday doing nothing. Finally! We went to dinner at Coasterra on Harbor Island. Birthday celebrating has always been pretty simple for me. The only thing I ever really want is to be doing things I enjoy, with people I enjoy. A Madewell shopping spree, and Airpods are always welcome. Thank you husband! I also got some really sweet gifts from my family. Last year, I was alone on my Birthday, but I was okay with that so long as I was doing what I want. In other words, I was fine as long as I didn't have to go to work. This year felt extra special simply because I wasn't alone. MJ was able to leave the day after my Birthday instead of the day before, like last year. He actually did some packing in advance for a change, and I said to hell with meal prep so we had the best day lounging by the pool and spending time together. This time he's only gone for six weeks. I miss him, but it's fine. I have no complaints after what we had to go through last time.

Birthday Dinner at Coasterra

My Birthday was on a Monday (April Fool's Day). I crashed after work on Tuesday, but then worked out every day after that for a week. My exercise routine suffered big time over the last three weeks, so I was ready to get back into it. Throwing myself into that made our first week apart go quickly, but then again, time just seems to do that on it's own lately.

The month of April has flown by. So did March. I'm not mad about it because it means MJ will be coming home soon and we're that much closer to our long awaited vacation. It does kind of scare me how quickly time flies these days. The last two months were filled with so much fun and goodness, but I feel like I blinked and it was over. Hello May!


Faith said...

I love being a tourist where you live. It makes you see the place you live with new eyes! Glad that MJ isn't gone for too long this time!

And yes, time is moving so fast. It scares me too. When I find myself wishing for certain days to come I try hard to stop myself!

LifenotesEncouragement said...

You and Faith are my blogdaughters! I hope you both get a chance to connect.
Cece, I don't like that you're always so tired; I can feel the tiredness through the page. Please continue to monitor this and do whatever you can to stay well.
Lovely post.

Rachel said...

That certainly is a busy few weeks! Visitors give you a great excuse to do all the touristy things that you always mean to do but somehow never get around to... Those flower meadows look great! And where is that pool? Is it a communal one on your complex or your own? It's a life goal to have my own pool one day I can lounge by. Wouldn't that be amazing?

Rachel said...

Also... belated happy birthday!!

Toni :0) said...

Happy Belated Birthday! My sis and bro in law were married on April 1st.