I Don't Really Cook

I cooked the last two of my frozen chicken breasts so I could eat one for dinner. This is a big deal for me because I do not cook on a regular basis. In fact, I think this is only the second batch of meat or other actual meal I've prepared that required the use of an oven since I have lived here. The first was probably about two years ago and was also chicken breasts. I know, it's really sad but I have lived alone for the last five years and my eating habits have gone up and down during that time frame to the point where cooking just has not happened very often. I am almost surprised when I smell the actual aroma of actual food coming from my kitchen. I am sure that will become less of an isolated incident when MJ gets back. When I went to his place on weekends cooking was something for us to do together and saved us from spending money on eating out ALL the time. I even got crafty once and made up my own recipe that turned out pretty tasty. My first marriage was so dysfunctional I don't even know where to start in terms of why me cooking ultimately never really happened but I definitely want things to be different this time. I never enjoyed cooking growing up. Maybe it's because my mom used to try to make me. She loves cooking and I always wished I did too. I just had no desire to do it; but somehow it's different for me now. The idea of providing for the man I love somehow makes it seem like less of a chore.

Cooking also represents making an effort to eat food with significant nutritional value. This is something I used to totally avoid at home. "Real meals" were reserved for eating out or with friends and family only. In between that at home, well let's just say the pickings were slim. For months and months on end I put three slices of lunch meat, a Kraft single, and mustard between two slices of Wonder bread. I paired it with exactly 14 fat free Pringles and called it dinner. And forget about actually going out and bringing any kind of food home. Money was so tight for a while that I simply couldn't spare it very often but in addition to that, it served a dual purpose of preventing me from eating "excessive" calories. More recently, I will get either Taco Bell or Subway if I want to go out and get something. Five dollar foot longs that last for two days and 99 cent tacos. I stick to the same order every time and know the calorie counts for each item. Old habits die hard. I will also eat Smart One's or Lean Cuisine's at home whereas before I would not. When I am alone It's just too easy for me to fall back into my old restrictive and routine patterns around food but it is getting better. Believe it or not the chicken tasted better then it looks! Boring and simple, but healthy, nutritious, and normal. Rachel Ray I am not-but it is definitely a step in the right direction for me.

Oh, the bummer for the day is that I think my garbage disposal is broken. When I turned it on today, instead of roaring to life like usual it just make this kind of dead buzzing sound. The crazy thing is I hardly ever even use the darn thing. Wonder how much this is going to cost me? My movie for the evening was I Love You Man. It was really good and funny. Now, I'm going to watch Make It Or Break It then go to bed. It is a really phony and dramatic new TV series on ABC Family that is targeted to kids half my age. It's the first show ever centered around Elite Gymnastics so have to watch it right? Well, that's how it started out, but I have to admit that I actually like it!


mr. nichols said...

I loved this post because it sounds just like my wife. Her mom is a pro in the kitchen. But Asia didn't really start cooking until recently. She enjoys it now. Learning new things, trying new recipes. she's mastered the chicken breast, mashed potatoes and broccoli combo. We can have that every night. Mmm. Now I'm hungry.

Regarding your disposal, the hum means it's just jammed. Do you have an Allen wrench? It should be a small metal l-shaped wrench with a hexagon at the end. If so, you can look under the sink, find the disposal and in the middle of it, there should be a hole. Put the Allen wrench in the hole and move it back and forth until it unjams. I hope that helps.

CeCe said...

I'm a real girly girl when it comes to stuff like that. I don't have tools and I am so not handy. Thanks for the advice though. I won't go running off to a plumber just yet then. I'll see if I can hold out until my fiance gets back.

mr. nichols said...

Ok cool. Is he coming back soon though? I don't remember. I just don't want the food that gets backed up in there to start attracting maggots. It happened to me and it's not fun. Or if you have a landlord, they should be able to take care of it.

CeCe said...

Grrr...he doesn't come back until Nov but remember...not too much cooking happens here so it should be OK. Oh, and I am the landlord!! That phone movie watching idea is cool. The time difference makes it hard but if we ever manage to get the same movie at the same time and can fit it in on a weekend that sounds fun.