Tardy for The Party Whooooaaaaa

So once again I have found myself sucked into the Housewives of Atlanta. I started out not paying any attention to it whatsoever because the drama from last season left me a little disgusted and I didn't want to be bothered with it. It just comes on so often that here and there I'd find myself watching different parts of different episodes and before I knew it I was actually watching the show.

Let me preface this by saying that no one is perfect and quality of character is subjective. If I were the subject of a reality show undoubtedly I would likely find that a lot of people really don't like me. That being said, I really wish Sheree would shut up about all of this independence. She is always talking about how she is successful, confident, and has accomplished so much when it's obvious that she really hasn't. In the opening credits she says "People are intimidated by my success," but I'm still trying to figure out what success she's talking about. I'm not going to say that there is inherently anything wrong with marrying into money but its funny how she is the one who talks the loudest and the longest about all of her so called independence when she didn't earn that money. She married and then divorced into it. I just love the haughty way in which she refers to herself as a designer. She is an attractive fit lady but there isn't a modest bone in her body and that is not cute. Oh, and if I hear her (or Nene) talk about the "who's who of Atlanta" one more time I will scream. Her show turned out better then I expected thanks to Dwight but he sure did have his hands full with her and her ego.

Then there is Kim who basically has a benefactor. She has this mysterious fiancé who is actually married but pays her bills and keeps her in the lifestyle to which she is accustomed. Which, apparently includes about $12,000 per month in hair pieces. What the heck? If you spend that much money on hair pieces it shouldn't look like cheap Barbie hair. Wonder when he plans on getting divorced so they can actually get married. Oh, and is there anyone in the world who could ever convince her that she can't sing? I could do a better job on Tardy for the Party then she did. Just put me in the studio! I was baffled about how she continually talked about wanting to do a song and "what part is Nene going to do," but then when asked to get into the studio says, "I'm not wanting to sing." Uh....haven't you been going on and on about how you want to be a one hit wonder? She had the nerve to kick Nene off of the song the minute she found someone willing to synthesize her voice into half way decency. She literally stepped out of the studio and ditched Nene. Overall, she seems really fake and untrustworthy but, I must say her wigs are getting better.

Kudo's to Lisa for taking their impending life style down grade in stride. Only 9 acres!! Well, $200,000 per year in housing upkeep was pushing it. I think her and Ed are such a cute couple. She managed to put on her fashion show ahead of Sheree but it is quite clear that a fashion show does not a designer make. I think both she and Sheree clearly have a passion for fashion and a good taste in clothing but I don't really think that makes them designers.

Candy is the newest addition to the show but she is my favorite! She has such a genuine and bright smile. She really seems to be grounded and nice but she will tell you like it is if necessary. I think she has a great voice and I hope that she is able to revive her career like she wants to. She lives a fabulous life style like the others but unlike the others she has worked for it and earned every penny. I thought it was really messed up that Kim didn't go to her performance after she so kindly was willing to produce a song for her even though she can't sing a lick. Kim has a full time live in nanny and she can't take a couple hours out of her night to come see the show. Her daughter probably had a cold or something. My heart goes out to her for loosing her former fiancé AJ so tragically.

Nene. What can I say about Nene. She is hilarious. I REALLY didn't like her the first season but I guess she is growing on me with all of her "Neneisms." I hope she can find some peace on this quest to find her father though because it is obvious that she has a really difficult time with not knowing.

My, oh my, these ladies are so fortunate. Not that they don't have problems because everybody does. They don't HAVE to go to a 9-5 job everyday and hope for retirement some day. And regardless of what I think of some of their singing, designing, writing and other endeavors I think it's great that they have the opportunity to follow their bliss...whether they suck at it or not. I mean, at least they get the chance to try. Well, with enough money and/or media attention anybody can be anything they want to really.

I have to admit that I do find it entertaining otherwise I wouldn't have stayed up to watch the Season Finale. I may have been tardy for the party but it didn't take me long to get into it once I got there.

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