Shopping Around

Celebrity Pink Skinny Jeans at Macy's
I hate  it when I want something specific.  I'm very impatient once I've made up my mind that I want [insert anything new here] and inevitably I can never find it.   Once it's in my head I am basically tormented by it so I pretty much don't give up until I find it.  I'm on a mission.  This time I wanted Beige skinny jeans, I didn't want to pay a lot for them and I wanted 'em now.  I walked into store after store at the mall until I finally found these Celebrity Pink Jeans at Macy's.   The color is darker then I originally wanted but I was desperate.  Just one problem.  That darn mannequin girl was wearing the only pair in my size.  She's not going anywhere; surely she can wear something else so I ask the sales lady if she can get the mannequin to take off those pants.   She had to call someone else for help because miss mannequin wasn't giving them up easily and the pant removal actually required tools.  I felt like a whiny high maintenance customer asking but I really wanted them.   I distinctly remember colored denim being in a loooong time ago when I was in high school.  They were mom jeans compared to the low slung version of today but I had white, black, beige, hunter green and plum.  They disappeared for a while but like everything else in fashion their baaaaack. 

The next day I stopped at Ross looking for some new work out clothes.  I haven't bought new ones in about 10 years.  I've basically been working out in rags (not really).  Since this whole 'working out again' thing seems to be sticking it was time to update my gear.  I found some cute tops and bottoms then poked around in the Juniors section and what else do I find?  Celebrity Pink Skinny jeans for $18.99.  Not only was the price $11 cheaper then at Macy's but the color was the lighter Tan I originally wanted.  Little Miss mannequin at Macy's can have her jeans back.  Sometimes I overlook Ross because it can be very disorganized and a pain in the butt to shop but this time they had exactly what I wanted.  

I love it he doesn't.  What now?
I poked around in housewares and found a black rimmed full length wall mirror ($14.99) and the black storage ottoman that has been haunting me for about a year.  I am so excited!  Most of the ones I've been finding are about $250 and this one is only $99.  I have tons of pajamas and instead of storing them awkwardly under the bed in a bin that doesn't quite fit I can put them in here where I can get to them easily AND we can sit on it.  Later that night Mj says, "Will you be upset if I don't like it?"  Uh, heck yes I'll be upset.  I've been looking for this thing for over a year!!  To top it off he says he isn't even sure why he doesn't like it; which clearly isn't a good enough explanation for me.  I tell him he better "splain himself" and he says he thinks it's too big.  Sigh.  I think it fits in nicely in our bedroom.  I'm hoping it will grow on him because I love it, I need it and like everything else I wanted it yesterday and don't want to keep shopping around for it.


Lil' Woman said...

I love the ottoman!
If we had more room in our bedroom, I would want one of those too.

Faith said...

I absolutely love the ottoman! i've been looking for something like that for a while too and what an incredible price! I have to check out my Ross' just in case!

And I know what you mean about saying that when you want something you don't stop until you find them! I'm the same way, haha.

Glad you found the jeans and ottoman you've been looking for. That is always a great feeling!

Natalie said...

Great finds at Ross! We have been looking for a storage ottoman for our bedroom for a long time. I guess I'll have to brave my local Ross store to see if I can score a sweet deal too!

Jacqueline Hough said...

Love the ottoman! It's grow on him! Glad you had a good shopping day!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I love shopping at Ross, definitely disorganized but great deals! The ottoman looks great and tell MJ it's big so you can fit more into it!!

Tiffany said...

I just bought red skinny jeans. I'm so in love w/ them, but I can't wear as often as regular blue jeans :(

Ross is one of the first stores I go to when looking for clothes, handbags and home decor stuff. It is disorganized, but not as bad as other stores I've seen. Their prices are unbelievable!

Lindsey said...

Great finds!!! I have to be in the mood for Ross too, but you can find some fabulous stuff there. I got an amazing chair for my vanity that was originally 149 and was selling for at least 199 places for only $40!!!! Steal!!! Love those pants, I've been seeing them everywhere and they are so cute.

And ummm let's not even talk about the fact that you can fit into the same SIZE AS THE MANNEQUIN!!! Not fair bish!!!!!

The Bloon said...

That is such a great idea for PJ storage, as mine are under my bed, too! I might have to steal that idea.

...And now I want beige skinny jeans!

Kristin said...

I love Ross for houseware and cheap cookery items (I always look at their ottomans and club chairs!). To be fair, when I worked retail I never really minded when people asked me to take things off the mannequin! I have not yet tried on a pair of colored jeans despite the current trend. You'll have to show us how you where them!