A Bride's Work Is Never Done [Part I]

Of course I can't wait until my pro pics are here to post re caps so I'm starting out with candids that I snatched from Facebook and the professional pics will follow just as soon as I get my hot little hands on 'em....
[July 10, 2010] I was specifically told by our hotel wedding coordinator [and a few others] that the bride isn't supposed to work on her wedding day and that I must eat because she does not want any wilting brides.  I flat out told her that if I didn't work this wedding was not going to happen but I did tell her I would try to eat.  From the moment I woke up and headed off to my hair appointment until just before I walked down the aisle I was on the go.  I planned to eat except I couldn't exactly figure out when that was supposed to happen.  It wasn't written on my timeline so.....

From the moment I woke up, loaded up my car and headed of to my 8:15 am hair appointment it was go, go, go.  I finished hair at around 11:00 am and encountered my first snaffu on the drive to the hotel when I called the Chair Cover company and told them I was on my way.  "Uh, when we showed up to the Garden Ballroom the door was locked so we left.  We re adjusted our route and will be there at 1pm or 2pm."  OK.  When were they going to tell me this?  I was going to be off taking pics by then and wanted that done before I left so I could pay them and see it before the reception started.
I am the first person to arrive at the hotel.  Thank goodness little sis was staying there so I was able to call her and have her come down and help me start putting out the centerpieces.  I have to ask the staff to put out the round mirrors so we could get going with that and explain to little sis how to turn the LED lights on and how I wanted them situated.  Fe showed up with her dress and I got all excited because I forgot just how pretty the bridesmaids dresses were.

It's getting to about 12 pm and I STILL do not know what table is what freakin' number and STILL can't put numbers on my place cards.  I ask the staff to get me a diagram so I can number the tables and decide which group is gonna go where.  I put the mom's to work numbering according to my chart and alphabetizing the cards and placing them on the table.  I've got about two hours to be in make up and dressed.  Nope-still haven't found time to eat.  The place settings are not out yet so it's hard to tell where the favor boxes should be placed but I'll just have to leave it to sis and mom to make sure everything looks pretty.

Then I get the dreaded call from Mj that he forgot his tux!  Umm.  Are you kidding me?  Unfortunately not.  After going to the wrong flower shop first he's on his way to the hotel with the flowers and to drop his aunts off.  He is on his way to his 12:30 pm hair cut appointment and can't go back home to get it.  He needs my dad to do it but dad is out right now getting food.  Mom finally tracks dad down and he comes back to the hotel.  Big sis is hopping in the car to go with him to make sure this very important mission is carried out.  They have a little less then an hour to get the tux and come back.

Then, I see my dad's friend walking to the car in his bright blue suit.  I had a specific conversation with dad that he was not to be inviting all of his friends after one of them said he'd see me at the wedding and not really knowing what to say I just smiled and nodded.  I had my very first bridezilla moment when I yelled at my dad that I TOLD HIM NOT TO INVITE ANYONE and screamed and stormed off stomping my feet the whole way.  I called my mom immediately and told her that "He could not stay.  I don't care who has to tell him but he was not invited to the wedding and he would have to leave."  At 1:24 pm with just over a half hour to be dressed and ready to go I sat down to get my make up done.  When my dad calls me I just hand the phone to my mom because I am so mad I can't even speak to him. Up until the wedding started blue suit thought he was coming and no one wanted to tell him.  It was almost comical!  I couldn't concern myself with it anymore.  I had a wedding to get ready for.

When the wedding coordinator finds out I still have not eaten she brings me a restaurant menu and I scarf down some chicken street tacos while my make up is being done after I accidentally knock over my glass of wine all over the table.  I am steady on the phone while the make up artist is trying to finish my face but I can't help that.  Mom calls to say some of the centerpiece LED lights aren't working so I tell her I will put some extras in her gold bag and no I don't want her to turn them on just yet.  Wait until closer to 4pm.  We are late.  Everything from here on out is a total blur.  In fact the whole day is a blur.  I can hardly remember who I was talking to and not talking to.  I am so focused that I am oblivious to much of who and what is around me.  I am in a race against time all day.  By the time she finishes my make up and K starts unpinning and combing out my hair I am afraid to know what time it is.  I grab my jewelry and everyone just starts pitching in getting me dressed. I am acutely aware that I am the center of attention and all eyes are on me as I strip down to my bra and undies so I can put on my dress.  As I finally step into my dress I get the good news that Mj has his tux and will be ready in five minutes.  Too bad I won't be.  I never actually tried on my dress with my shoes and jewelry-I just assumed it would look good-and it does.  The make up artist finishes up my lips, there is a few last minute touches.  Jenn tries to take my cell phone away from me but I refuse.  It is welded to my hand and I'm not giving it up.  I put my vendor checks, extra LED lights, CD's and parking ticket in my mom's bag.  I hand off the vow cards and rings to lil' sis, rattle off some last minute instructions and then it's time to go.
I head downstairs to wait for MJ.  The moment I lay eyes on him I start tearing up.  He looks so handsome and I am so excited that our moment is almost here.  We step into the black limo he hired for us and head over to the park for our pictures.  It is 2:30 when I finally get a call from the photographer and I tell him that we are on the way.  We call one of the groomsmen to explain the CD procedure since his wife has volunteered to play them for us.  They are all labeled.  She just needs to press play.  We are 30 minutes late and although feeling very frantic I also feel beautiful and happy as we get in as many shots as we can before we head back to make our 4:30 ceremony time.  By the time the photo shoot is over we are both experts at kissing on cue in public.

It's about 3:50 pm and we are on our way back to the hotel when I get on my cell phone and start calling whoever I can to see that everything is being taken care of.  The CD's are supposed to start playing at 4 pm and I call only to find out that they are still sitting in my mom's bag somewhere so I tell Eb, "Find them and get them over to the CD player.  SOMEONE needs to press play at 4 pm sharp.  And please make sure the favor boxes are lined up nicely in front of the place settings."
Jan, Fe, Me, Lil' Sis, Eb

It isn't until we get back around 4:10 pm and are waiting until 4:30 pm that I finally get a moment to take a deep breath.  I am very glad that I put 4:00pm on the invite and had 4:00pm in the back of my mind even though we didn't plan for the ceremony to start until 4:30pm because it gave us all some breathing room.  I finally see all of my bridesmaids looking absolutely beautiful and the wedding coordinator comes up to get the flowers for everyone.  I tell the bridal party what table they will be at and I finally give up my cell phone.  The show is about to start and we all head down to line up.


Anonymous said...

Wow...that sounds frantic! But you got it done and now you're a MRS.! You and your 'maids look gorgeous too.

Steph said...

You look absolutely amazing! Can't wait to hear about the rest and see more pictures. Congrats!

JEM - Aqua Bride said...

That sounds like it was very stressful or I should say that it could have been very stressful but you pulled it off well. You guys looked gorgeous.

Dancy said...

Sounds like you had a rough morning but you came through it gracefully. I LOVE the bridesmaid dresses.

I can't believe someone crashed your wedding!!

Can't wait to hear more.

Tova said...

wow what a great re-cap! I Love the flowers on those BM dresses, I wore a similar pink dress as a BM once and those look so much better! wow.

Faith said...

wow, that is a lot to handle the day of! yikes! but i know you had a fabulous day anyone .. .i love how your refer to that uninvited guest as blue suit, lol.

i love you and your BM dresses! you looked beautiful! can't wait to see more pictures!