Cake Closure

You never imagine that you will get the wrong color cake on your wedding day of all days.  The one day when a cake matters so much.  It's just something that you don't think will ever happen to you and I still can't believe that it did.  I felt that sending the picture to the bakery was a no brainer and that it couldn't be clearer then that but apparently I was wrong.  Quite honesly, I would have rather have had the wrong flavor or even a totally different cake as long as it was the right colors because that's what will show up in a picture for years to come and it would have been nice if it matched our wedding.

I sent the bakery an e mail and included the picture of the cake we got and the picture of the cake I asked for.  It was clear to him that they were obviously two very different cakes.  He keeps saying that he saw Silver in the picture of the cake we requested and I still absolutely DO NOT.  As far as I'm concerned even if there was Purple in the cake if I said Pink & Black that's what they should have done.  I didn't push that too much because although I still can't figure out how he decided that Silver was confirmed we both agreed that we got a very different cake then what I asked for and that is what we needed to focus on.

I advised that I understand he can't give 100% but that I feel we deserve very close to it and he offered 50% straight out.  I was very glad that he was kind enough to realize that an error had been made and fair enough to offer reasonable compensation for it.  We will be getting a $216.00 refund check in the mail.  While it can never make up for having a cake that didn't match our wedding I at least feel relieved that our disappointment was acknowledged and compensated in some way.    If When I look back on this I will feel a little bit better knowing that it was resolved fairly.  It would be a heck of a lot worse to just feel as though we spent $425 on a cake, got totally screwed over and they didn't even care. 

I am frugal.  I love coupons and credit adjustments as much as maybe a little bit more the next person but as frugal as I am I would much rather have had them keep the $200 and have gotten the right cake.  Since it didn't work out that way I will take the discount and just be glad that justice has been served.  Now I have some kind of closure on the situation and that's better then nothing. 


Silly Girl said...

I am sorry about the cake. At least he gave the discount without an attitude.

JEM - Aqua Bride said...

I'm happy you got 50% back with no issues, and hopefully the cake you did serve was delicious and your guests didn't even notice or care.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Y'all should go out for a nice meal with that loot.