Let The Music Play

We met with our DJ Tuesday to go over songs, timeline, and announcements.  We paid an extra $150 to include 3 up lights and extra DJ lighting.  Along with a great variety of music we want the lighting to make people feel more comfortable getting out on the dance floor.  We want everyone to boogie and have lots of fun.

I wish we could play every single song we really love and has meaning to us but if our wedding was that long even I woudn't want to go to it so that is impossible.  Music will play a major role in setting the tone and overall mood.  Playing classical or even having a band is so not us.  We spent hours months ago getting together a play list of our favorite songs and when we'd want them played during the reception and for our CD's. It was exhausting and one song just led to another and another and after a while it's just like, "Forget it."  I ended up with over 40 songs for dinner alone!  At least we've given our DJ an idea of what we like and we will just have to leave the rest in his hands. We're pretty easy.  No bouquet toss or garter toss.  And Mj said capitol N-O to the dollar dance so that's out. We told them to put the lights wherever they want.

The hotel provides a sound system for the ceremony so our DJ won't start until the reception.  I love it that we have absolute control over what's played but narrowing down the music for this was hard too.  I have always been a SUCKER for love songs so you can only imagine how difficult this is for me.  The pre ceremony CD will play during the half hour between the time written on our invitation [4:00 pm] and the actual start time of 4:30pm.  The cocktail hour CD will play right after our ceremony and through cocktail hour until our guests head into the reception room.  We will be missing out on  the cocktails and cheese display we paid for taking bridal party and family pictures at this time not too far from where our guests will be served and will still be able to hear the music.  It was so hard to choose!  All of these decisions felt impossible to make just 2 months ago and still do but it's now or never time.  This is what we came up with.
  • Pre Wedding CD: Mostly Kenny G, a few John Tesh [what can I say...I love him!] and Shawn Colvin.
  • Processional: "St Elmo's Fire" John Tesh version.  Does anyone use "Here Come's The Bride" anymore?
  • Cocktail Hour CD: It will start with "It Feels Like Home" by Chantal Kreviazuk as we walk back down the aisle after our first marital kiss and then continue on with love songs ranging from Jason Mraz, Chaka Khan, Janet Jackson to Celine Dion.  Some upbeat like "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Israel Kamakawiwo.   Songs that make us happy.
  • Bridal Party & Bride/Groom Reception Entry:  "I Gotta Feeling"  The Black Eyed Peas
  • Bride & Groom first dance:   "I Look To You" by Whitney Houston.  I really consider "Halo" by Beyonce to be "our" song but Mj won't dance to it because he says it's too fast.  Guess it'll have to go on the Cocktail hour CD.  Mj stumbled upon this song.  We both love Whitney and when I listen to the words I feel like it says exactly how I feel about Mj.  Isn't it just awesome how songs are like that?
  • Father Daughter/Mom Son Dance:  "Can You Feel The Love Tonight"  Elton John.  It seems like a nice general song with great lyrics.  My dad and I will start then Mj and his mom will join in.  We will be doing this as a combo because Mj doesn't want to be out there with his mama all by himself.
  • Last song of the Night:  "No One"  Alicia Keys
It's pretty cool because I know at any time I can go up to the DJ request something and know they HAVE to play it!  What other time can you guarantee something like that?  Just say yes to the lady in the white dress!!  I am the bride after all and it's MY OUR party.

I LOVE music. It is so powerful....like feelings that you can listen to.  It gives me chills sometimes-the good kind.  It can make me laugh, cry, and remember old times. It can make me happy, excited, sad, and it can even make me run harder on the treadmill provided I ever get my lazy butt back into the gym or keep me awake on a long drive. Music is the soundtrack of our lives and we have one for our wedding too.

First Dance I Look To You

Recessional: Feels Like Home [as we walk away down the aisle]


Processional                 Cocktail Hour CD

Kenny G Wedding Song -Pre Ceremony CD- I don't Know Why

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Tova said...

Oh We had a similar situation, my "must play" list was a mile long! Good choices though!