2010 Was Amazing

Feb 2010-Valentine's Day
As we begin a new year I think back to what a magical year 2010 was.  I had orchestrated my little life into a tiny neat little box that was my condo where I had re built my life for the last five years.  I had my independence, my budget, and my habits.  I knew what was what and it was safe.  I had finally managed to form some semblance of happiness and now everything was about to change and fast.

We lived together for the first time in my condo for 6 months.

We went through the house hunting roller coaster.

We booked a wedding venue in December 09 and went under contract for our new house in January.

We waited 6 months for our house to be built and finally got to move in on May 26th. 
We started out with dirt.......
And ended up with our first house

I actually made an effort to start cooking. 
The Cabbage, Rice & Turkey sausage turned out pretty good
except for the crunchy rice.

We settled in, organized, painted, and started to make our house into our home.
    painting was harder then we thought

    I rented out my condo.
    Something I was (and still am) terrified of and NEVER EVER wanted to have to do.
      My condo became a rental property

      At the end of May my big sis moves back home for good at least the next five years.

      After months of planning we got married on July 10-the most  magical day of my life. 
        I do!
         In August my adorable baby nephew is born.  The first grandchild in the family. 

          DJ.  Just a few hours old
          At the end of October we jetted off for our perfect 8 day Hawaiian Honeymoon
            Hiking Diamond Head

            As soon as we got back from our honeymoon I started a new position at work in November after getting promoted.

            In December Little sis' will take her last college final and finishes up college.

            We enjoyed our first Christmas tree and Christmas in our new house.

            The only thing left to is to have a baby and I do believe we are out of time on that one which is just fine with us!!

            2010 in a word was amazing.  In two words, it was amazing and expensive!  So many good things happened.  Life changing things.  From January until July our lives were a whirlwind of house hunting and wedding plans.  There was stress, anxiety, pure joy and everything else in between.   Then, once things calmed down we got the chance to relax and just BE without a million things going on at once.   My big sis came home to stay and I love having her nearby and being able to see my nephew.  The wedding was wonderful and our honeymoon was our reward and celebration for everything that we had accomplished together.  I will always remember it as the year that my life changed for the better in ways that I never dreamed possible for me.  The year that I conquered my fears again and didn't let them overpower me as they had before.  The year that I truly believed for the first time in a long time that life is good.  It feels so good to be happy and it makes me sad to think of all the years I spent in misery hating life and hating myself even more.  I loved 2010 and there is a possibility it can't be topped this coming year but that's fine.  I'll gladly settle for happy.  It really is a new chapter for me.  I am looking forward to many more happy years in 2011 and beyond with my husband and wishing only good things for my family and yours.


            Steph said...

            Hope 2011 is absolutely wonderful for you and MJ.

            Natalie said...

            Happy New Year!!!

            Carla said...

            Wow! You definitely had an eventful year and you definitely have a reason to be happy. After reading this post, you truly have a lot to be happy and satisfied with. Congrats on the nuptials and congrats on the promotion. And that house is simply beautiful!

            Faith said...

            loved reading this post!

            only great things to continue for you!

            Happy New Year!

            Anonymous said...

            love your blog!

            Justin said...

            I'm so glad that 2010 has been amazing for you. Other people may not see, feel or enjoy life's blessings because they only think of problems and hardships in life. But we must keep in mind even though we have encountered problems in life, we must still enjoy and be thankful for God's blessings.

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